Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Day On Whidbey Island

We had been wanting a day to get up to the cabin on Whidbey Island to do some winter clean up in the garden.  With a great weather forecast, today was the day.

Here comes the ferry.

 Golden eyes by the ferry dock.
 The North Cascades were lit up in the sun.
Boeing was testing new planes.
 The Mukilteo Light House

 We spotted porpoises but they were hard to capture in a photo.
 A raft of surf scoters.
 At the cabin.  Jan and Ann were there, finishing up their stay, and we had a chance to visit.  Then we went to work in the front yard.
 I love it when the lagoon is full and is a mirror of the blue sky.
 The work done, it was time for a walk.  Two eagles perched over the beach road.

 We walked up the hill on the road and then back down through the wetlands.

The day was growing late, so we said farewell to Useless Bay.

 It was time to pay a visit to Langley and have coffee at the Useless Bay Coffee Company.  But first we enjoyed the view over the Langley Marina.

 And then we made the crossing back to the mainland as the sun set on a wonderful get away day


  1. I just can't get over your photos, Linda! Everyone is amazing! What a shot of the mountain range! Reminds me of Denali. Wow! You guys get so much done. Ummm... How's that leak, by the way?

  2. These photos are great Linda. I liked the moutain photos but my favourite is the Mukilteo Light House. I going to use it as my screen wallpaper for a few days - Dave

  3. You certainly are enjoying your retirement, whereas I babysit and David still goes to work.

  4. Oh, my...just gorgeous. The mountain shots are breath-taking. I can imagine what it must be like in real time.

  5. What a beautiful day. And your house on Whidbey Island looks like a wonderful place to get away. But you have nothing to get away FROM, it's so beautiful at home! Thanks for the great pictures, Linda.

  6. what a great get away for sunny days. love your photos

  7. Beautiful day and beautiful pictures. How can anyone not love the Pacific Northwest? I wish I enjoyed walking s much as I do.

  8. Well, there's still the dripping faucet to escape from! But today, back to reality.

  9. There is nothing more wonderful than a sunny day in Washington! Your photos really capture it!

  10. Sure is pretty country out your way, those photos are fantastic.

  11. Never get tired of the views. Love living here.

  12. The photos are stunningly breathtaking.


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