Friday, February 10, 2012

More From the Flower and Garden Show

We saw lots of cool stuff in the Market Places.

How about this for yard art?

 When we checked back, Dan had removed the top of the pine and was carving away with an electric drill at the top.
 We found Marie from Chocolate Flower Farm in Langley at her booth.  You could small the chocolate candles all over the area.
 We are amazed at the skill needed to do this wood inlay.  There were 1058 pieces of inlay made up of 36 wood species plus shell and minerals in this one picture.

 I liked the use of the beer keg and the old bar-b-que kettle in this display.

 Another very cool shed.

 There were lots on great plants in the plant market.

 Oh, oh.  It's hard to resist with all of these lovely things for sale.  Needless to say, I didn't.
 I loved this faux bois bench, and entered a drawing to win it.
I loved this old concrete deer too, and it was for sale - only $1200.  No, I didn't.

 This is a great chicken coop.  I do find it kind of funny how many suburban young people want to raise chickens.  I grew up on a small farm.  I did chickens.  No thanks!
I'll post the rest tomorrow.  It's time to get on the exercise bike, since the rain still persists.


  1. These are so much fun! You have a whole lot more than what they have in Hawaii. We used to love the Chicago Garden Show.

    Wow! That bonsai pruner must have nerves of steel.

    I'm with you about raising chickens. My parents raised chickens in Hawaii and eventually gave it up. They couldn't eat the birds who became like pets.

  2. We're going tomorrow. I'm uber excited!

  3. fun show and great activity for rainy days...

  4. I raised 3 chickens as pets during high school. Never again!

    That wooden bench is pretty, but wouldn't you have to treat it for termites?

    Interesting containers for plants!

  5. I could use a beautiful flower and garden show like this right about now!

  6. I went yesterday and will post some pictures today. It was a lot of fun and although I didn't buy any flowers, I sure took a lot of pictures of them. I saw that beautiful inlay table with the leaves, it was stunning. And the smells! Delightful...

  7. Love that bench and there is some wonderful stuff here...hope you win the bench...


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