Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Sunday

Another beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest.  We met up with family at a restaurant on Commencement Bay in Tacoma for brunch, and to celebrate Corey's birthday.

 Irene selected crab legs for her first course.  She got her daddy's help to crack the crab.
 I started with eggs and meat and fruit - a sausage and mushroom omelet,  bacon, melon, and chocolate covered strawberries..  Tom went for the seafood.

We all made several trips to the buffet, for fish or ribs or, and especially, DESSERT!  I ate enough food to last me all day.
Then it was time for gifts.  Corey appreciated that the pot holder Isaac made was in Denver Bronco colors!
 Then it was Irene's turn.

 She made a painting for her daddy, of a peacock, of course!
We all had a good time, and lots of good food.  Then Tom, Jake and I headed for home.  We had more to do.

Jake is a tifo captain for the Emerald City Supporters, the large fan group for the Seattle Sounders soccer club.  That means he is in charge of lots of flags and banners.  Someone in the club gave him an old Viking sewing machine for making two poles and mending flags, etc.  He needed me to check out the machine and give him a lesson in using it.

 OK.  The machine works, and Jake knows enough to practice on his own and begin using it.
By the time he took off for home, it was almost 2:30, so I set the Super Bowl to record and headed out into the sunshine for a long walk.  I got in 4.5 miles and got back before the end of the first quarter.  I tuned in live to see the score, and then played the recording to see the musical parts of the opening - I love that Faith Hill!- and the commercials, and caught up to live action by half time.  

Now, as I type, I have the game on on the little TV along side the computer.  I look up for the commercials.  

I'm sort of rooting for the giants, and little brother Eli.  So far the best commercial might be the GE commercial where the cancer survivors meet the factory workers who made the life saving machinery.  Madonna's half time show - meh.  I lost interest fast.

The good thing is that with all of that food this morning, I haven't felt the need to snack during the game.  And I won't have to cook dinner.  I think it's time to go find a carton of yogurt and an apple.  That should do it.

Hope your Sunday was super too.


  1. That Corey sure is a good looking guy. I sure do hope he is able to join his family soon.

    The food looks amazing! I can't even imagine having all that fish available for brunch. We are landlocked here, so we just don't see yummy fish like that often.

    The t.v. is on. I catch the game now and then. I did enjoy Madonna. I guess it was a matter of being amazed at what she can do at 53!

  2. Thanks for more of those wonderful family pictures. That Cory is a good dad to receive those gifts with such grace. Good for him.

  3. It looks like you've been having some beautiful weather and lots of great family time. The views from Whidbey Island are spectacular and it looks so peaceful this time of year.

  4. I liked the Madonna show, especially the choreography and the drums -- the music not too much. Was sad the Patriots couldn't get into sync in the final drive and therefore lost the game. Ah well, there's always next year!

  5. amazing it's all over-I took a walk, had a light lunch at halftime then hit the computer for projects...a writer's newsletter. Morning was church so it was a full day. What a fun family birthday and how neat your sewing hobby will continue with your posterity.

  6. the look on Irene's face when she gives her gift to Dad is so wonderful

    nice restaurant, I love eating by the water

  7. I was also going to comment on the look on Irene's face as her dad opened his present from her. Just precious--that father-daughter bond right there for all to see.

  8. What great pictures, Linda. I do hope Corey gets to move here soon. Irene is a very special person, you can see that in her pictures. The seafood here is wonderful, I enjoy it often. Tomorrow I'm taking my husband to Anthony's Seafood Restaurant to celebrate his 70th birthday. And today I'm going snowshoeing up in the High Country!

  9. I only raised my head for the commercials too. I also didn't much care for Madonna's show. There was a lot of glitz, but that's about it. Still, for a 50+ young lady, that was impressive.

    That photo of the seafood plate just made me drool!

  10. The food looks really good..if I ate seafood..LOL....


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