Monday, February 6, 2012

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

It was another beautiful day.  We could certainly get used to this!

Tom headed out early for an eye exam.  I started a bit more leisurely, and then got busy on cleaning the house.  Dusting done and bathrooms cleaned, I headed off to a local nursery to buy tickets to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, while Tom did the vacuuming. 

Then this afternoon we got back outside to work on the storm clean up.  That big pile of debris in now gone!

 It has been reduced to logs 
                                   and mulch.
 I worked on the pile of madrona limbs, reducing it to logs, a yard waste bin full of cut up small branches, 
 and one yard waste bag.  And while I was at the nursery this morning, I discovered that Furney's had their pots on sale, reduced 60%.  I bought a small blue pot, and came back home to get Tom.  We had been looking at large pots, wanting one for a focal point in the yard.  We bought this 3 footer, and some plants to put in it.  We'll get it planted up later.
 I also bought some primroses and mini-daffodils to put in the new blue pot. 
Now there is color on the front porch!

Ah, I love sunshine!

Oh, and the garden show starts on Wednesday, about the time the rain is supposed to make a come back.  It'll be a great way to spend a rainy day.


  1. I see I need to head to the store for primroses. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. how fun, it seems like spring is coming where you live...

  3. Your color bowl looks nice. David usually buys one already planted at Home Depot for $10 and we place it on the patio table. If I were to put it on our front porch, it would be stolen in no time. Yes, there is crime in paradise!

  4. Wow! Those primroses are really gorgeous. I can't believe how much work you two get done. Just boggles my mind. I guess that's how you stay so healthy.

  5. You two seem to have the greatest partnership--work AND play so easily together.

  6. I'm heading down to the flower show on Friday with the Bellingham Senior Center. Should be crowded, but it always is. The weather is supposed to continue being really nice after a short break to remind us where we live! Probably little to no rain, so you can spend more time in that beautiful yard.

  7. I love those primroses! I would love some color on my porch, but they would freeze. I may go buy some to put in my living room. Those colors would really lift my spirits.


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