Sunday, November 11, 2012

An Antique Show - Oh No

Yep.  And it was a BIG antique show too, with over 400 vendors.  Hold on to your wallets!

We were at the Puyallup Fair grounds by 10:00 on Saturday morning, and it was already pretty crowded.  Most of the shoppers were of the antique sort, too, like us - gray haired.  As one woman we talked to at lunch said, "We're the only ones with money to spend", and I guess that's about right. I do feel very fortunate to be included in that group, because I know there are many people of all ages who are hurting.  

There was one thing that I was actually shopping for, an old umbrella stand that would work on my new hearth as a container for fireplace tools.  It needed to be tall but slender.  

I found one.  It's a 1920's Peters and Reed pottery piece that fits the bill and looks good with my pottery collection.
 And I added this 1935 McCoy Birds and Cherries pitcher to my collection.
I have looked at this McCoy cookie jar many times.  We had one when I was a child, and it was old then, but it disappeared when my parents moved off the farm.  I would never have paid full price, but the vendor wanted to get rid of it and offered it for $35.  Done deal!
But.... when I got home and was unpacking my treasures, the head/lid was missing!  I had no contact information, so there was nothing to be done but to go back this morning.

We thought the show opened at 9:00 and that's when we arrived, but the Sunday opening was at 10:00, so we had nothing to do but walk up town and go for coffee.  Oh, too bad.

After the opening, we found the vendor and reclaimed the head of the clown, and then browsed a bit more, since there were very few people.

I found these candle sticks for $3.50.  I thought they would be lovely with spring flowers floating in them. Or they might make a nice gift.
 I bought plate holders so I could get my old baby plate collection displayed.

 Tom had his eye on two things, but we left yesterday without them.   They were an old wall clock, and this Zia pot. We already have four antique clocks - Tom loves them - so today we bought the pot.  It probably dates to the 1940's, is not signed, but has the great colors, shape, and the Zia bird/roadrunner.

 It looks great with our little collection gathered on our New Mexico trip last fall.
 As I was passing another booth this morning, a postcard caught my eye.  It just proves that some things never change.  How's this for fitting right into the political discussion of the last few weeks?  I guess they are not part of the 47%?  They probably had a very good union pension.
 Postmarked in 1953, it's being sent from Florida to Ohio.  Talk about relevant states!
At least they saw the humor in it!

Old stuff is fun.


  1. You certainly found some treasures!! That's always fun!

  2. Beautiful! I especially was enchanted by the oldcookie jar. I would love to have one of those... I bet my grandma had one, it seems faintly familiar. :-)

  3. I love your finds. I am always on the lookout for McCoy pottery. I have to say that the hat stand/fire place utensil holder is just perfect. I love it.

  4. How fun, hope you never have an earthquake with all your breakables! You have quite a nice collection!

  5. Mike is the antique guy. I really do not have the eye. I am just a looker, not a collector.

  6. Your antique stuff is always interesting and the pottery is beautiful. I think you must the eye for the good stuff and the time to look because all I ever see in antique shops is broken crockery and musty books and pictures or stuff that has been abandoned in my closets and garages. :)

  7. Love the umbrella pot especially, but all of your new/old treasures are lovely.

  8. Some of the Mexican delights remind of ones my auntie has:)

  9. Oh WOW! You really got some excellent, gorgeous buys! We are always tempted by antiques, but can no longer collect them since we really don't have a good place to display them. We used to go to the Kane County Antiques Fair in Illinois every month and have such a great time. Sigh.... The good old days...

  10. That's an interesting collection you have. I liked the cartoon post card - Dave

  11. Good that you and Tom enjoy shopping. That's something I abhor, so David does all of the shopping for the two of us.


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