Thursday, November 15, 2012

Working On Whidbey

With the garden clean up done here at home, we needed an opportunity to get up to the island cabin to winterize the garden there.  This week provided just such a weather window.

 When we arrived about 11:00 the clouds were clearing and the duck dotted lagoon reflected the sky.

We got right to work, clipping and grooming.  

Tom took the trusty old beach pickup truck over to the sewage treatment plant for a free load of compost.

 By the time the sun was fading, we had the cleaning up done, some of the tulip bulbs planted, and the first load of compost spread.

 It was foggy this morning, and an eagle perched over the lagoon.

 Was it sizing up a meal of duck?  I hope not these beauties.

 We planted the rest of the bulbs  spread another load of compost, and cleaned up. We were finished with our work by 11:00, just about when the fog melted away.

 We had lunch and then headed for Langley, where I had some shopping to do at the Chocolate Flower Farm.
 Chocolate cosmos outside the shop.

 The cedar garlands were going up on the shops on First Street.

 Boys real and bronze enjoy the view.

 Star Store displays tell us the holidays are almost here.

 Birch trees along the creek still hold their leaves.
 Time for coffee at the Useless Bay Coffee Company.
 As the shadows lengthened, we drove back over to the cabin to  pack up.  And I got one last photo of my favorite view as it glowed in the autumn sun.


  1. Thanks for the tour around the Whidby shopping area and scenic views. A nice location Linda. I wonder if you are familiar with this group of artists there? I like art I visit this web site frequently - Dave

  2. what pastoral views. I love your photos.

  3. what a lovely place in any kind of weather...

  4. I always enjoy your images of Whidby. Perhaps we'll get there someday or maybe a vacation on the San Juans. You live in such a beautiful part of the country.

  5. What a nice blog. Excellent travelogue around Langley. I love The Chocolate Farm. I have bought many plants at the farm itself. Have you been there too? I really miss going to Whidbey now that the main attraction (my Mother) is not there anymore. I just need to do it!!! MB

  6. Wonderful views of Whidbey. I don't think we got to see this place when we visited a few years ago. If I don't get to your blog before, Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the family.

  7. This is such a beautiful place, Linda. You're so lucky to have a place to go to there. That morning lake is like glass. Wow!

  8. Wow, wonderful pictures! And free compost? Be still my heart! I am always scrounging to find chicken manure these days. All the chicken farms are gone from our area.


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