Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Is Here!

The newspaper is fat with shopping bargains.

 Tom has assembled equipment for BBQ smoking the turkey.
 Josy senses something is up and contemplates where to spend the day.  The rain has stopped.  Going outside is a possibility.
 The table is set.  Dinner is at 2:00.  Guests include son Jake, sister-in-law Jan, cousins Kris and Dan.  We're keeping track of Jill and family in Colorado via Facebook and email.

 It's time to stuff the turkey and get it cookin'.

 Apple wood provides the smoke.
 In the kitchen, casserole dishes are  accumulating in the refrigerator. The pots and pans for cooking the mashed potatoes and roasted roots vegetables and the green beans and the gravy and the sauce for the yams and assembled.  Serving pieces are collected on the counter.  The Macy's parade is on the TV.
 Tom is spiffing up outside after the last wind and rain storm.

 I'm using the down time to connect with my blog world.

And Josy has selected her "safe place" in the den closet.
All is good.  We have much to be thankful for.  



  1. Fun post for the day, Linda!! And it does look as if all is ready for the big day!! May you and your family have a wonderful and very Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. It is looking very festive at your house!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Linda. You are having a pretty wonderful day and life! Thanks for being my friend... I cherish our friendship. :-)

  4. Lovely post. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  5. All is definitely good! Gosh! We have apple wood back in Illinois from that tree we cut down. I didn't realize you could actually roast a turkey with it. Your table looks so gorgeous! What a wonderful day you had!

  6. Love your table cloth! Glad you had a splendid celebration, Linda.

  7. wow BBQ Turkey-never heard of that but sounds good. we had brined turkey! home safe and sound with many good memories and stuffed stomachs!

  8. You make me smile. You guys are always so busy. Your table was set up so pretty, and I'm certain that you had a grand time.

    Kathy M.

  9. It's probably way too late to be asking if you still have any of that turkey left--isn't it? Sigh.


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