Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Back

The season is officially Autumn, but is often referred to as fall.  

The reason is obvious.  Leaves fall, at least here in the temperate climate that comprises most of the US and Europe, where most of our customs came from originally.

It's kind of sad to see all the beauty fade, and fall.

But we move on.  

Today Tom had his yard watering system flushed, ready to overwinter.
 There were geysers in the back yard.
 Compressed air is pumped into the system, one zone at a time.

Fall is the time when the Sounders soccer season draws to a close.  Last night we were at the stadium for the first playoff match, which ended in a hard fought 0-0 tie.  They play next Thursday near Salt Lake City.  We'll be watching that one from the comfort of our recliners. No rain ponchos needed.

Today we attended the Grand kids' soccer matches, as the rain held off.  It was another opportunity to get out and enjoy the beauty of fall.

Don't forget to set your clocks and "fall back" tonight.


  1. what fun geysers...we leave our system on all winter as it is short and not too frigid!

  2. I love your header, Linda. That yard is beautiful but it must be quite a task to maintain it all. Between you and Tom, you have created a stunning place.

  3. I never tire of seeing the pictures of your yard. What a lot of effort you both put into creating a beautiful life. And how worth it all.

  4. India does not have Daylight Savings Time. It seems you have carved a nice life for yourseelf, Linda. I am enjoying my trip to northern India now.

  5. It's good to have this reminder about the Autumn fall back. I have to remember this whenever we call the mainland since Hawaii does not change its time. Gorgeous photos, Linda! You are definitely ready for winter.

  6. I love the fall colors. They seem especially vibrant this year. Great pictures!


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