Sunday, November 4, 2012


I went to church today

In the cathedrals of Crystal Springs and Crestview Parks.
With a golden dome overhead

And aisles paved with gold 
Both bright and burnished,

And pillared porticoes aflame.

A hill climb brought me closer to heaven
And the bowl of gray sky
Where the open air sanctuary
Provided air moist and mild
And light from living lamps.

The music?  Pure summer.
Beach Boys and The Beatles on the iPod
Supplied the rhythm to match
My swinging armed stride
Taking me over four miles 

In a circuitous loop 
from home and back again.
And left me refreshed and renewed
After a nearly sleepless night.

I do confess that since I did not carry a camera with me, I did go back by car to capture these photos to share, and added another mile to my walk.


  1. The most beautiful church there is and my favorite! Awesome captures, Linda!

  2. ABSOLUTELY fabulous photos, Linda! This is the most beautiful cathedral of all... nature's cathedral.

  3. Oh my, I needed this post. My son just saw a post on Facebook by someone who goes to the church we attended in Texas, "Remember to change your clocks on Sunday & the President on Tuesday." A surge of anger rushed over me as I remembered all the times I sat in that church listening to people telling me how to vote. No more of that for me. I greatly prefer your kind of church.

  4. Lucky you...such a beautiful environment.

  5. Awesome photos Linda and a most spiritual surround.

  6. This is everything a Sunday worship should be. I especially love that the Beach Boys were ther to get your heart pumping.

  7. I spend time in your church every day, but especially on Thursdays, when I spend all day there. It makes me feel good to come to your site and look at your lovely pictures, and then to read the comments left by some of my favorite people! :-)

  8. nature's beauty always brings a sense of awe and wonder plus gratitude...

  9. what a wonderful post!!
    I've been a bit angry with nature and it's so nice to be reminded of the beauty

    I LOVE the path of leaves

    thanks for your concern
    hugs from me and Hope

  10. Pretty fall photos! Love them all. God's blessings.

  11. Greetings from Montreal, Canada. Your photos are fantastic! Great post!

  12. Exactly my kind of worship! Beautiful pictures and wonderful prose.

  13. Lovely autumn photos Linda. The leaves on the paths add to the beauty I think - Dave


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