Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Major League Soccer Season Is Long...

...but it ended tonight for the Seattle Sounders as they played the LA Galaxy at home in the cold Seattle rain in front of almost 45,000 fans.

Last Sunday the Sounders played in LA and lost 3-0 in the first leg of the Western Conference Championship.  The final score is the aggregate of the two matches, so the Sounders were in a deep hole.    

The weather has gone sour, typical cold November rain.  It was not very appealing to leave the warm, dry house and head out into the cold, wet, early darkness.  But we are loyal fans, so we did.  And as we participated in  the March to the Match, along with thousands of other Sounders fans, we got into the spirit.  

That spirit held through the rain and the game.  The Sounders scored twice before LA was awarded a questionable penalty kick.  The Sounders and their fans did not let up, but the final result was 2-1, with an aggregate LA 4, Sounders 2.

And so we are done.  It's time.  We began in the cold of March.  We'll put away the jerseys and summer tee shirts and cold weather sweatshirts and jackets and scarfs, and take a break.  

Season tickets for next year have already been purchased.  March is not that far away.


  1. you are definitely loyal fans-they should pay you for your!

  2. You are true and dedicated fans. All part of such a full life.

  3. I'm sorry they lost, for your sake, but then again I'm thinking you will not be out there in the rain... until March, that is! :-)

  4. I remember all the football games I sat through in the rain

    the stadium looks fantastic at night

  5. Never watched a soccer match, though my daughter participated in the sport during high school. You truly are a die-hard fan!

  6. Wow, soccer has come a long ways to get 45,000 fans out! You are a truly dedicated fan, Seattle is lucky to have you!

  7. As always, Linda, I enjoyed my visit here today. You guys are always up to fun things. Can't wait to see the bulbs you planted at the cabin as they bloom next spring. Your museum field trip looks like a lot of fun too.

    Kathy M.

  8. A terrific night photo Linda - Dave

  9. You would be a wonderful Cubs fan, Linda. We always said every year, "There's always next year."

  10. My son played soccer for 20 years from when he was four. I remember many, many times standing on the sidelines in the rain. I loved those times.

    I admire your devotion to the Sounders. I couldn't handle the drive from the North End to the field, the traffic and the hassles of parking.

    Good for you!


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