Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Good Days

Make hay while the sun shines.  That's what they say down on the farm. 

Here in wet Seattle, we use the precious dry days to get yard jobs done.  With several dry days in a row, Tom finally got a chance to get out and spread the pile of leaves he had delivered several weeks ago.  Now everything is bedded down for the winter.  I got out this morning and raked the lawn, so at least until the next big storm everything is looking tidy.

 We really haven't had a freeze yet, just a bit of frost on the roof tops, so things are blooming, like the winter jasmine
 and primroses.

 There is still some color in the garden.

 With the yard work done for now, Tom has turned his attention to getting Christmas lights up.  Stringing up the maple tree is a big job.
 He got this done today.
 Yesterday he took the blower up on the roof to clean off all the tree debris, and then he got the house lights up.
 Inside, on Sunday while the Seahawks were losing, I baked fruit cake, another batch of cookies, and we figured out how to display the Santa collection on the new shelves.
 On Cyber Monday, I cleaned house, researched gifts and shopped on line, ran some errands, and got the dining room decorated.  This is my Scandinavian theme room, with hearts and straw ornaments and the goat and pig.

First thing this morning I called Yamaha back, actually returning a call I missed Monday afternoon.  It took a bit of waiting on hold, but I finally got through to the tech guy at level 2, the "escalated" level, and together we "fixed" the iPod problem with the new stereo system.  

So this afternoon, as I baked the next batch of cookies, the house was filled with Christmas music.  

The rain is scheduled to return tomorrow afternoon.  By then we should have the rest of the outdoor lights up.

These have been good days.


  1. Oh my goodness your decorations are AMAZING!! What a wonderful blog you have :)

  2. you are getting it done...good for you. love your christmas scandinavian decor!

  3. Good job, Linda! Save some cookies for me! Mahalo.

  4. These have been PRODUCTIVE days for you two. Wow. Beautiful decorations!

  5. Your decorations are lovely Linda.

  6. The decor is just stunning. You guys are true artists.

  7. You still have a lot of natural color in your yard. The lights are a nice complement to the fall colors and give a nice feeling to the season.

  8. I am feeling totally inadequate! I haven't even started to think about holiday decorating. I'm letting the wind take care of the leaves in the yard...one of the benefits of living on the banks of a river; they blow over the cliff and are swept away.

  9. Good gosh, Linda! You are both the most hard working couple I know. Your garden looks amazing. I love how the book/display shelves look next to your new fireplace. Everything looks holiday perfect. I haven't even started. I can't seem to get my brain started to really think seriously about the holidays yet... which is not a good thing. I'm usually ready right after Thanksgiving. Sheesh!

  10. You do such a wonderful job with your Christmas decorations.
    I don't know if I will get lights up outside; we returned from our Thanksgiving vacation to wet and windy weather.

  11. the outdoor lights are so pretty
    the inside is beautiful
    and then there's cookies!!
    heavenly :)

  12. This is beautiful and I expect no less.. I wanted to let you know that I was having a problem, had a mammogram and now need biopsies in 2 places in one breast..I mean really.. I had a post up on the blog, but it made me sad to see it..so I will let you know here..Michelle

  13. Your yard looks beautiful, as usual and your house, indoors and out is wonderful. I like all your Santa's.
    I have always liked a scandanavian display. Lotsa reds. Have you been (i am sure you have ) been to UFF-DA in Stanwood. Quite a jam-packed store. I was talking to the owner awhile back and she was proud to proclaim her fav cousin is/was Stan Boreson. LOL
    I am making Pfeffernusse today. Do you make them. I am asking because you bake quite a lot. So do you just roll in powdered sugar or make a glaze?
    Happy days, MB

  14. Linda, you have such remarkable energy and such a beautiful house and yard. I sit and read, and you decorate room after room!

  15. Your yard looks tidy and your house and Christmas decorations look great Linda. Have a happy Christmas - Dave

  16. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your Santa collection, Linda! They all look beautiful in your new family room.

    It is fun to see your outside lights and other decorations too.

    Kathy M.


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