Friday, November 23, 2012

The Day After

We don't do Black Friday.  That is, we don't shop.

Since it was Friday we dragged ourselves out of bed at 7:00 to go to our regular Friday morning breakfast club.  We lingered long over friendly conversation.

It was raining when we got up, it was raining when we got home from breakfast, and it is still raining as the daylight dims and departs.
 My Nikon lens gathers in any light available, and so these photos don't really show how dark a day this has been, and foggy too.  Black Friday, indeed.
 We spent the middle of the day trying to figure out why my iPod no longer plays on our new tuner/receiver.  I have put all of our Christmas music on my iPod Nano, and I was playing music Wednesday when it just quit.  I checked out the iPod and the cable but they still worked in other configurations.  Finally today we had time to call Yamaha tech support.  After quite a while, trying quite a few things, the tech guy said we had the "question of the day" and it had to be "accelerated" to a higher level.  We are waiting for a call back or email for more help.

After lunch Tom and Josy napped while I geared up to start the holiday baking.
We had the Apple Cup on the TV - Washington State Cougars vs University of Washington Huskies.  The State Cougars were the considerable underdogs.  We are fairly neutral, with a slight leaning toward the Cougs.

 I woke Tom to help with the assembly of these chocolate covered cherry cookies, a family favorite.
 These will now go into the freezer to await holiday gatherings.  I'll do another kind tomorrow. 

The last batch of cookies came out of the oven just as the Cougars won the football game in overtime.  It wasn't raining over in Pullman and the home team poured onto the field in celebration.  The Husky fans will have to make the long drive back over the mountains to the rainy west side of the state as losers.

Now I'm having a little down time before we have dinner.  That smoked turkey came off the BBQ yesterday looking like this. 
No, it isn't burnt.  That is smoked-sealed skin.  The meat was moist and delicious with a subtle smokey flavor.  And smokey turkey gravy is so-o-o-o good.  We had lots.  For dinner tonight there will be left overs, a Thanksgiving dinner all over again.  And no cooking!


  1. I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving Linda.....I came to see what you had done and knew it would look yummy...Michelle

  2. We don't do Black Friday either. We took the grandchildren to the zoo. Ever since the grands were born, we have done something touristy instead of shopping. It's much more relaxing. One year we even dug for diamonds at the Crater of Diamonds State Park...we didn't find any, but we had fun digging in the dirt.

  3. Now that is an unusual looking turkey. I'll take your word that it was good. Did it have an apple hint to it I wonder.

    You do make the most beautiful cookies around, Linda. Gorgeous photos, as always.

  4. Your pictures always make me feel like I'm there. That turkey looks divine, if you ask me. I'm still in Texas enjoying the blue skies and warm weather, but I'm beginning to miss my home. I'll be coming back on Tuesday.

  5. Interesting turkey. Yes, aren't leftovers great? I intend to make turkey a la king once David buys some cream of mushroom soup. Will serve it over hot steaming rice.

  6. we loved our moist brined turkey but left the leftover behind so it's off to the grocery store today...your cookies look yummy! I brought home a sugarfree pumpkin pie so we'll enjoy that...

  7. We watched that game too! It kind of reminded me of the Oregon/Standford game. I asked who to root for, and Cary said that he wished the Cougars would win because they had lost 8 in row. I was happy when they did.

    Your turkey looks great!

    Kathy M.

  8. I loved the picture of Tom and the cat. That's what I felt like after our T-Day meal.

  9. We don't shop at the big box stores on Black Friday, but we do support the small businesses on that day. This year, we actually went car shopping with my daughter since she needs a new car. Believe it or not, the car dealers were very busy.

    The turkey looks delicious. I like having all the leftovers too.


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