Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Destination Walk

A meeting with my siblings about our shared interest in the Rockaway cabin called for us to travel to Chehalis on Tuesday.  We took the opportunity to leave early and walk out into the Nisqually Delta.
The delta had undergone many changes in its more recent history. One a rich natural area for fish and shellfish and wildlife, it was diked and drained and turned into farm land in the early twentieth century. 

Now in the twenty-first century, much of it is being returned to it's natural state. Boardwalks and pathways take visitors along the river slews and out into the tidal estuary.

Would you believe I forgot both of my cameras?! So I just had my iPhone to take photos.  
 There were many signs of beaver activity along the river backwaters. 
 And some wonderful old trees too big for beaver, fortunately. 

 Turns out there wasn't much action to photograph anyway, since it is past migration season, and solitary nesting is keeping most bird life out of view.  There were a few mud dabbling teal. 

 This wonderful board walk leads way out into the tidal lands, but with the tide out, the view was of mud and more mud. 
 I have been here once before, but didn't have time to make it to the end.
 This time I did!
 In the distance you can dimly see the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. 
 And the long way back to the car. 
At another time of year it would be more interesting, but I did get a good four and a half mile walk anyway. 


  1. Nice cellphone pictures! I enjoyed this little walk with you and especially that lowering sky! :-)

  2. Forgot your camera?? You still managed to capture the scenes while getting good exercise.

  3. Great job with the IPhone pictures. Looks like an enjoyable walk.

  4. I am always amazed at the photos that can be taken with an iPhone. This were great. Congrats on the early morning exercise.

  5. Wow! Your iPhone takes photos as good as my big Canon. What a gorgeous place!

  6. I only forget my camera when I forget my purse, as it is always in there.

  7. Excellent photos. Especially the early green ones. :)

  8. Amazing that you took these with your phone!

    Where is the place that you volunteer that has boardwalks?


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