Saturday, April 18, 2015

Another Nursery Tour

On Wednesday of this week, the day after Kay's visit, we took off north to the Snohomish Valley, seeking a nursery new to us that we had learned about at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. 
McAuliffe's Valley Nursery sits flat on the valley floor, and has forty acres of growing fields.

This is the Snohomish Valley. 

 After the cold front earlier this week, there is new snow in the mountains. 

 McAuliffe's is a beautiful nursery, with interesting old rusty farm equipment, a big red barn, and wonderful displays.

 Each one of these table displays of perennials was a work of art, color coordinated and a study in plant combinations. 

 The kitty was friendly too. 

 The nursery is beautifully landscaped, featuring trees and shrubs grown here and for sale.

 Sometimes a leaky radiator is a good thing. 

 The remains of a red bud tree carpet the ground below it. 

 While this nursery has been around for a while, I think it was recently updated.  In doing so, someone had great fun with rocks and bricks and mortar. 

Even the table of salad greens was beautiful. 

 We bought a few plants, of course, and loved the views in the valley.

We did go to Flower World before descending into the valley, but I didn't take many photos there.  It is huge, a "warehouse" of plants, but I found it uninspiring.  I like the pretty, more artfully arranged plant displays I find in smaller nurseries. 

We did stop for a short time at Molbaks in Woodinville, which is quite large, and also quite lovely, but I stopped taking photos by then, since we were in a hurry to get back through the city to beat the rush hour traffic.  Besides, it is famous and doesn't need my blog space.  It is worth a trip of it's own.


  1. Such a lovely place to visit, both the valley and the nursery.

  2. You must live in gardeners' paradise with so many large and thriving nurseries. Thank you for sharing this passion of yours with those of us who may have a browner thumb.

  3. I could live in a smaller version of that barn. So pretty. Got a chuckle out of the leaky radiator. A great recycle.

  4. The sky! The colors! The plants. I tell you, if this keeps up, I am moving to the northwest.

    I love that darling rock, brick, and mortar structure. It is so funky and creative.

  5. These plants are awesome. I liked that little hut with the odd bricks.

  6. You've taken us on some awesome nursery tours I think this is the best one. I really like what they've done with the brick and stone work.

  7. I was there recently too and loved it. You've done an excellent job of capturing exactly what makes it special. I'm bummed I didn't see any kitties when I was there.

  8. Oh I can't wait to visit here, but too cold yet

  9. What a fabulous place to visit... and you still had those gorgeous blue skies.


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