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Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Very Special Visit

Many of us share a blog friend from Hawaii, Kay of Musings.  In fact many of us have found each other through her blog.

On Tuesday of this week I actually found her.  That's right, I got to meet Kay in person, along with her husband Art, her brother Dennis, and her Mom!
Kay and her family have been traveling in the Pacific Northwest. Tuesday was their last day before flying home to Hawaii on Wednesday. I am withholding this post until they have time to get back home, since Kay doesn't feel comfortable letting the world know when she is away. 

Now that they are safely back home, I know she will be posting about her trip.  I am so thrilled that we got to spend much of their last day with them.

They arrived at our house a little after 9:00 in the morning, and since we were paying close attention to the weather and another approaching rain storm, we opted to go on our planned outing first thing. 

Our destination was the Bellevue Botanical Garden
Tom and I served as guides while our guests all enjoyed the beauty of early spring here in Puget Sound Country.  Of course there was plenty of picture taking.

 A cold front had moved in the day before and we are all bundled up against the chill.  Because of the cold, the lilacs weren't fragrant, but they still caught the eye. 
 It's green time here in the perennial border. 

 Kay's mother's name is Hiroko, which means Violet in English. Violet was also my mother's name.   All who follow Kay know what a sweetheart her mom is. 
 And the sunshine held as we continued our stroll.

 Tom gives a botany lesson along the way.

 When we got to the entrance to the Yao garden, I asked Hiroko to lead the way so she could enjoy it unobstructed. 

 She loved it. I asked her later how she was doing, and she responded, "I am so happy!"  Kay and I cheered. 
I loved it too. 

 Everyone was impressed by the size of the skunk cabbage in the Northwest Native Garden. 

And then we got to bring them all back home with us, to show them our garden!

Kay sat in Tom's story chair.
 We ladies posed with the posies, in the sunshine,
 and in the shade too.
 And with the change in the schedule, our planned little mid morning coffee turned into a light lunch as we visited around our dining table.

Thank you for coming all this way to see me, Kay, and for bringing your wonderful family with you.  Today was a treasure. 


  1. A treasure, indeed! What a nice visit.

  2. New follower here. How lovely to get to meet a blogging friend, and in such a beautiful locale! :)

  3. Great to meet Kay, and what a wonderful way to finish up a trip, visiting with you and touring such a wonderful garden.

  4. So happy that you were able to spend some time with Kay and Art and her mom. It must be lots of fun to meet up with other bloggers in person, and I hope to do the same one day. Take care!

  5. A truly special visit and you chose great gardens to share! It's always a treat to meet our blogging friends but this is extra special because of the distance! You must plan to visit Kay sometime!

  6. Looks like a chilly day! That Lilac was such a pretty color! Always nice to meet bloggers:)

  7. How special to have a visit from a blogging friend. Looks like a fun day for you all.

  8. Meeting fellow bloggers is one of the great perks of blogging. The BBG is looking great, and such a good choice to show Kay and her family! I am loving that huge clump of Trilliums.

  9. OK... I'm sort of awake now and full of the happy memories of this trip. Linda and Tom, thank you very much for such a special treasure of a day. We really loved Bellevue Gardens, but I think mom, Dennis and Art might have been even more impressed with yours. We were blown away by all the gorgeous flowers, garden arrangement, glass flowers, bonsai, etc. And yes, we really loved that "coffee treat". You set such a gorgeous table and your house is so beautiful. Yes, mom was very, very happy. Her spirits were lifted by your kindness and loving attention. Thank you so much! AND you even provided sunshine on a day that was forecasted to be 60% rain. How amazing is that?

  10. I also follow Kay's blog and it was fun seeing that you both got together for a botanical adventure.

  11. It's a real treat to meet a fellow blogger. You gave them a great tour and us as well.

  12. Lucky you to have enjoyed those delightful folks. They are a real favorite of mine and I try to never miss a post.
    Her Mom is just adorable and how thought full of you to let her go first. Being so short, I am sure she gets blocked out a lot.
    Will be interested to check Kay's blog for their view of the visit.

  13. I got to visit with them, too, in the Tulip Gardens in Skagit County. I've been waiting to write about our visit, too, until they arrived home. I loved it and felt like I had known them forever. :-)

  14. Now that really had to have been a very special treat for all. It is fabulous how the blogosphere has enabled such meaningful connections. Your post makes me feel happy to be alive in this age.

  15. How sweet of you to guide Kay and her family through the garden and serve them lunch, too.

  16. There is so much beauty in the post. There is first of all the beauty of friendship that has sprung forth from blogging. We all love Kay and her family as we all love you and your family. To see you together warmed the heart.

    A few times, I gasped with a WOW at the photos. Truly, you have some stunning photos here. I love the red tree.

    Yes, beauty is everywhere here: friendship, smiles, tender spring flowers and plants, beautiful trees, and brilliant landscape design. I think I like the beauty of graciousness and friendship that comes from this post the most.

  17. What a great adventure to meet up with another blogging friend.


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