Friday, April 24, 2015

Changes in the Garden

As we enter the second month of spring, transitions are occurring in our garden.

The tulips are almost gone. 
 Columbine are beginning to bloom, 
 and perennial cornflower - Centaurea montana. 
 A few bees have been buzzing around. 

 The Welsh poppies are popping. 
 Hostas are unfurling. 
 The first Arisaema has opened its pulpit. 
The espaliered apple trees are blooming.
Out in that new bed, where we removed the rose tree, new growth is beginning to fill in.

 Behind it our Loderi rhododendron is finally taking off, with lots of gorgeous blooms this year. 

My coal scoop planter has found a place on a rock wall.
 There's lots of color just in new foliage, and the glass flowers are back blooming in the garden. 

 The secret garden is ready for sitting. 

 Sweet peas are up in the garden boxes.  Most of the rest of the planting will wait until after the first of May. 

 Down on the garden deck the wisteria is slowly opening. 

 Some of the re-worked patio pots are in place.  

 Others are waiting in the green house, or outside in the heat pocket in front of the green house.  Tom's vegetable and flower seedlings are back inside too since the weather turned chilly and wet this afternoon. 

 The driveway wall is in bloom.

 On the front porch, the Lewisia are adding gorgeous color. 

 When I took these photos Thursday morning, we had just come back from our daily 3.5 mile walk.  Yes, Tom is walking with me most days now. He decided it was good for him too. 

By afternoon, the rain came and the temperature dropped to 46°.  That will slow things down a bit.  We can't have spring happening quite so fast here in the Pacific Northwest.  The loveliness needs to linger. 


  1. Such gorgeous photos. Your garden is stunning.

  2. Your garden looks so beautiful and lush! And strangely, further along than mine. 600 feet of elevation doesn't seem like much, but it does make a difference.

  3. Stunning! And so many flowers that we simply do not have on the south west coast! :)

  4. I love all your beautiful colors. And we just had a thunderstorm with lighting and thunder (pretty unusual for around here!) and lots of heavy rain, maybe even some hail. I'll have to see how my garden starts prevailed. I simply adore your latest header photo. :-)

  5. Your flowers are so pretty! Everything looks so lush! :)

  6. You haven't missed a square inch of space. Beautiful.

  7. You certainly have green fingers, a feast for the eyes a beautiful garden.

  8. Just amazing. Can't imagine gardeners' heaven can be any better.

  9. Your flowers are simply beautiful! The Rhododendron is the prettiest one I've ever seen. It must be fun to walk in your yard every day.

  10. Oh Linda! If this were my garden, I'd never leave!!

    The centaurea montana is in my garden as well. It's one of my favorite perennials. We are, however about two weeks behind you all. Hoping we had the last of our freeze warning Friday and last night.

  11. So green and bursting with life and blooming color! I totally agree that this beautiful spring must linger!

  12. I love seeing all the gorgeous seasonal changes in your garden, Linda. It makes it even more fun now that we've actually been there. I can picture walking to the different areas. The wisteria looks so fabulous!


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