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Monday, April 20, 2015

Rhododendron Species Foundation Botanical Garden

Are  you ready to go on another walk with me?  This one is a beauty too.

Saturday we attended the Rhododendron Species Foundation Plant Sale, located on the campus of the Weyerhauser Company headquarters in Federal Way. After shopping in the sunshine on another lovely morning, we walked through the manicured woodland over the the garden.

At the entry gate there was a sample of what's blooming. 
 We walked under a canopy of new leaves.

 Underfoot were remnants of old leaves. 

 Some rhodies were in bloom, and some weren't, but we really don't need many flowers to enjoy this place.

 What we especially like are all the wonderful things popping up out of the ground, like this huge clump of May Apple, Podophylum, with their apple-like blooms hiding under those umbrella leaves. 

 And, oh!, the ferns!
 And the Canadian dogwood, also called Bunch berry.
 And the Giant Himalayan lily, Cardiocrinum giganteaum, which will soon bloom with about 20 white lily flowers, which it has taken seven years to produce.  Then it will die. 

Last year's bloom stock↓
 But before it dies, it reproduces. ↓

 One of many Arisemia species, or Cobra lilies, or Jack-in-the-pulpits that are popping out of the ground. 

Wonderful Epimedium blooms
 A forest floor tapestry

 Himalayan blue poppies, 

 The pond garden

 The entrance to the Stumpery - This is a relatively new addition to the garden, but it is filling in beautifully with all kinds of wonderful ferns and Arisemia and other good stuff!

 On we go through an older part of the garden, up through the rock garden, to the newly re-constructed gazebo. 

 And then on to the new conservatory, where tropical rhodies are carefully tended.

 Back outside, we finish up at the plant sale area. 

 We didn't buy anything here, but we did buy a couple of plants at the big sale in the parking lot.  And we had a wonderful stroll through a very beautiful garden. 


  1. So many stunning photos, but those blue poppies are my favorite!

  2. So many stunning photos, but those blue poppies are my favorite!

  3. So many stunning photos, but those blue poppies are my favorite!

  4. Whoa, that was quite a walk. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the fiddleheads and the blue cornflowers. That deep shade of blue so perfect.


  5. Beautiful, as are all the garden photos you share. You've made me want to drive up the coast soon to the Maine Coastal Botanical Gardens. (I'd never seen a blue poppy before.)

  6. Linda, thank you for the wonderful walk in nature. The flowers and the trees are so beautiful.

  7. That was just a stunning walk. What an amazing variety. Thank you.
    However I am feeling badly for that poor Giant Himalayan lily. Not fair.

  8. absolutely gorgeous! I'm trying to contain my jealousy...but so happy you got to experience all of that, so I shall live through you vicariously instead. ;)

  9. Love the RSBG! I heard it was a really good sale this year. I've gone in the past, but not this year. I'm actually trying to cut back on my plant purchases. I'm already sick of digging holes, and I still have a couple of areas in the garden that I want to re-arrange. Thanks for sharing your photos. I love their giant Himalayan lilies and the blue poppies.

  10. I love rhodos, and unfortunately so do our deer!

  11. Thank you so much for this stroll through the garden! I went to the sale after work but had an appointment later so didn't have time to walk in the garden on that lovely evening. Your photographic tour makes me feel almost as if I'd been there. Your photo of the very red fern fronds unfurling made my heart sing!

  12. so green, just returned from Vermont and no leaves were out yet and just a few crocus...

  13. That was more pictures than your usual abundance, and I enjoyed them all. We had the conversation last Thursday about bunch berries versus Canadian dogwood. :-)

  14. What a beautiful place. I've always wanted to go but just never gotten there. Magnificent photography. Thank you!

  15. OH MY GOSH! This is just awesome! Your photos are really, really spectacular! I can't believe you saw the Himalayan blue poppy! Mom was hoping to see it at Butchart. I wrote about it on my later posts. And there you have it! Your rhododendron photos are striking.


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