Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Morning Sanctuary

Some people attend cathedrals.  Some folks like small country churches, others soaring crystal structures. 

I prefer the out of doors.  I spent my time of contemplation in Crystal Springs Park.
 This park is just a moderate walk from my house but I haven't been there for a while because it's a steep walk down, and then back up, and I have been sparing my knees lately. But this is my day for celebrating spring and new life and renewal, and the park called to me to walk under the arches and canopy of newly emerging green.
My cathedral floor is carpeted in green: Spring Beauty
 Fringe Cup,

 Oregon Grape
 Salmon Berry

Wild blackberry
 Non- native lunaria ( money plant)
 Elder berry
 Native bleeding heart
 red flowering currant
 Trillium far off the path
 The pews were empty in my sanctuary, and the choir was the singing of birds.
 There is a spring, with ever flowing water, gurgling from the ground.

 Big leaf maple flowers and newly emerging leaves.
 After climbing back up the hill, I visited my every day park, where the dogwood trees are blooming in time for Easter. 
 Legend has it that the dogwood flower symbolizes the Crucifixion, with the petals forming the cross and the center the crown of thorns. 
 No matter how you celebrate Easter, I hope it brings you joy and peace and hope. 

And now it's about time to get ready to go be with my family for Easter dinner.  I'm bringing the ham and the twice baked potatoes.  I smell the ham in the oven downstairs in the kitchen.  I've had my exercise, and it's making me hungry. 

Happy Easter, everyone!


  1. This is my kind of sanctuary, too.

  2. A beautiful sanctuary, have a great Easter.

  3. Happy Easter, Linda! The out-of-doors is my cathedral too.

  4. Beautiful. Mike always thought of the beach as church on Sunday. My son calls a walk in the woods his church. My daughter likes sleeping in on Sunday mornings. Maybe someday she will find a spiritual side.

  5. I am finished with my class, and I'm glad I did it but boy am I glad to be set free to walk and read about wonderful days like the one you just had. Sending you lots of love, Linda. :-)

  6. You did more than have a good walk. You took some excellent photos.

  7. Yep, the outdoors is my church too. Nice photos of the wildflowers!

  8. Such a beautiful post, the pictures and your words!

  9. It is so green there and beautiful! Happy Easter:)

  10. A beautiful celebration of new life! Happy Easter!

  11. How refreshing! It was all just beautiful.


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