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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Irene is Ten!

Friday was Irene's 10th birthday.  Because everyone was busy, we celebrated on Saturday. 

As you may be aware by now, my grand kids have theme birthdays, and some of them have been rather unusual.  Some time ago Irene decided this birthday would have a Hawaiian theme. 

The usual family group was in attendance:
Left to right: Ann, Jake, Tom, Isaac, Jan, Jill, Irene in the center, and me behind the camera.

Jill prepared a feast of grilled pork loin, vege and pineapple k-bobs, stir fried noodles, and fruit salad with coconut pudding called haupia.  There were fancy blended drinks with little umbrellas.  Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the eating and drinking. 

We had the Sounders game on in the background, and at half time it was time for birthday gifts. 

 There were new clothes and art supplies, including paints and a portfolio. 

 And there was cake - volcano cake!

 It even erupted!  Isaac commented that it was the first "functional" cake.  (There was a small bottle of Diet Coke in the middle of the cake, into which Jill dropped Mentos) 

 Happy Birthday dear Irene, Happy Birthday to you.
 The lava flowed and the candles glowed. 

 And then we ate it.  Oh, and as we ate cake, the Sounders won!
Kids grow up fast.  We have to treasure each moment we have with them. 


  1. How delightful. Love the "functional" cake. Happy birthday to the birthday girl.

  2. I love the theme idea. Happy Birthday Irene!

  3. Happy birthday Irene! That was a theme that was done very well....particularly the cake!

  4. Happy Birthday Irene! Love that black and white dress! That was some cake! :)

  5. I also love that black and white dress, very snazzy and so Irene! Happy birthday and as they say in Hawaii, aloha! :-)

  6. Birthday wishes to the beautiful birthday girl, love the cake.

  7. Happy Birthday Irene. Wow, time flies. How neat to have a theme party that the honoree gets to chose. Love that cake.

  8. Oh, my, she looks so grown up and sophisticated in tat striped dress! You are so right! Enjoy every minute.

  9. What a fun birthday theme! Your grandchildren are growing up so quickly! How does that happen? Irene is such a pretty girl, just like her grandma! Happy belated birthday, Irene and here's to many more!

  10. Seriously? A Hawaiian birthday party? I wish we could have been there! I hope she liked her gift from Hawaii. She's growing up so fast.


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