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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

From our day in the Skagit Valley: Christianson's Nursery

When we travel north to the Skagit Valley we always stop at one of our favorite nurseries, right in the middle of the valley.

 This nursery has been around for a while, and the old buildings add charm to the place. 

 I love this old water trough. 
 There is always something to tempt me in the antique and gift shop, but I try to save succumbing to temptation for actual plant material.  

 There are tropical plants in the main shop as well as fun pots and objet d'art. 

 The greenhouses are full of tender plants waiting for warmer temps, about Mother's Day around here. 

 As I took this photo in front of the shop, I could see tulip fields across the road. 

 This is what came home with us.  The Pieris japonica "Flaming Silver" is destined for Jill's yard, upon special request for just that certain plant. 

Fun plant shopping and tulips too.  I love our trips to the Skagit Valley!


  1. Oh, an Abutilon! I have that one too, I love it. I've only been there once, in late fall when there wasn't much there. I really need to go back, soon!

  2. I love to look at pretty plants and flowers.
    Thanks for the photos.

  3. This looks like paradise to me! I would go crazy in this place. Just before I wrote this, I noticed three doe are resting at the bottom of the steps to my deck. My few little perennials are emerging. Snack time!

  4. So beautiful... I would love to shop there!

  5. I've never been to Christianson's but have bought a lot of cool stuff from them at the NWFGS. Must get up there and see the nursery and the tulip fields one of these days!

  6. What a beautiful gardening haven! I've seen this place before on your visits to Skagit Valley, but I never tire os seeing such wonderful sights. :-)

  7. Always fun going to Christianson's.
    I like your pics.

  8. I'd love a visit to Christianson's too. It looks like a very attractive place.

  9. it is just gorgeous there, unbelievably beautiful!


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