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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4th of July Festivities - Morning Fun

Tom and I are having a little down time before traveling to Gig Harbor for our evening festivities. We had a fun Fourth morning!

First, we joined friends  for brunch at Becky and Jim's house on the parade route of the Normandy Park Parade
By the time I took this photo, everyone had eaten their fill and had gathered on the sidewalk to watch the runners go by. 

 Tom and I walked down to the end of the parade route where we had parked our chairs. I loved watching all the happy people dressed in red, white and blue, and the kids playing in the street as we waited for the parade. 
 Sirens blaring! here it comes!
 This is a neighborhood parade, and is made up mostly of car clubs. We have our favorites, of course. 

 Like classic Corvettes
 And other cars from our youth. 

 There were a few "floats" with kids. 

 And the grand finale, Gus the Bus!
 Jill, Isaac and Irene have guests this year: Brian and Sarah, cousins from California, and Allie, cousin from Colorado. Brian rushed over to hug Uncle Tom. I got a hug too. 

 Then many of us followed the parade down to The cove, where the city of Normandy Park was feeding the masses hot dogs, pop corn, ice cream and snow cones. Free food!

 And we found these guys. 

 We got a close up of some of the classics. 
 I once owned a 1964 Chevy Impala, a white hard top. It was my very first car, the down payment being a college graduation gift from my parents in 1966.
 We collected each other to move toward the beach, past the duck pond. 

We have been taking it easy since we got home about 1:00. Tom did some pot watering and I picked a new bouquet of roses. 

What a beautiful day! What a beautiful world we are surrounded by! 

I am grateful. 


  1. So wonderful to see neighborhoods still have parades. Glad to see Gus the Bus was able to make it another year. It seems Jill's summer tribe is increasing. Word must be spreading that to have a good time you need to spend the summer with Aunt Jill, Isaac, and Irene.

  2. Well, my favorite was Gus the Bus and it's folks. Looks like such a fun day! Your roses are beautiful.

  3. The people from Gus the Bus certainly know how to have fun. I guess it runs in the family

  4. I hope your evening was as enjoyable as your day was. You do know how to have fun.

  5. Looks like a happy and satisfying Fourth! I'd forgotten about Gus the Bus butr ghis appearance made me smile.

  6. looks like fun, i miss old fashioned parades. i spend the day recuperating from vein surgery and enjoy the AC as the temps were up to 106...ah coolness is only a memory!

  7. I went to a very similar parade, had chicken barbecue at the fire department, and watched fire works with friends. It is a satisfying way to spend a holiday.

  8. What a wonderful holiday you had, Linda. I love the old cars, too, and the picture of you with the basket is a keeper! :-)

  9. Those roses are beautiful. Glad you had a good time at the parade.

  10. Your neighborhood parade was wonderful! That would be a fun thing to have in our neighborhood - but I wonder how/who could arrange it? Nothing big, just neighborly.

  11. Family, parade, beach and cool cars--great way to celebrate the day. Gus stole the show.

  12. What an all American, fantastic celebration. I do miss being on the mainland to celebrate the 4th with parades and parties.


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