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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mukilteo Garden and Quilt Tour: Part 5

There are two more gardens to go, but I'm going to try to wrap them up in this final post. It's not easy, though. :-)

The Newsome garden is a well settled six year old remodel surrounding a 1960s rambler, with views of the sound, mountains, Whidbey Island and ferry boats. It's a lovely setting for more remarkable quilts. 

And finally, the Brookfield-Jordan garden, located on a quiet cul-de-sac, with a private refuge hidden in the back yard. 

 Many of the displayed quilts were created to be given away as comfort quilts, for people undergoing hardships. 

The gardens on this tour were brought to you by the Mukilteo Way Garden Club, and the quilts were created and displayed by the Mukilteo Lighthouse Quilters Guild. Thank you to all who provided us with all of this beauty. 


  1. Such beautiful quilts. I think I love them all and especially the idea of comfort quilts for those undergoing hardships. :-)

  2. I had not seen quilts displayed in gardens. The colorful quilts have all kinds of possibilities for display with colors.

  3. The idea of displaying quilts in gardens is unusual but has proven delightful. While this wouldn't work for long term display, is sure made some magic moments in your posts. I continue to be in awe of the skill and design savvy of the quilters who created so many glorious pieces.

  4. gorgeous quilts, love the colors and patterns...

  5. All these gardens seem to have wonderful water views. Sigh. I loved the cat quilt on the fence best.

  6. Mahalo for the tour. It was a delight.

  7. Wow each quilt was prettier than the one before! What a lovely day ! :)


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