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Monday, July 24, 2017

Mukilteo Garden and Quilt Tour: part 4

The Janowicz garden is a riot of color! And the quilts just add to the eye popping affect. 

There is also a lot of fun art in this garden. Serious gardening does not preclude whimsy. 

If you have an elf, you must provide him with a house. 

I've seen these face planters before, but never with red lipstick!
This backyard chicken coop is more my style. I grew up on a farm. I've done real chickens. 

There's still more to come.


  1. Stunningly beautiful! Are those real quilts hanging in some of the photos?

    1. All of the quilts are real, and are made by members of the Mukilteo Lighthouse Quilters Guild, who, along with the Mukilteo Garden club, sponsored and staged this tour.

  2. This garden is very colorful and fun! So much to love, the face planter with lipstick, the faux chicken coop, amazing pond, excellent planning and planting. Could just go on and on. Really love the black and gold colors of the first quilt but they're all gorgeous!

  3. interesting, wonder how they keep the quilts from the rain?

  4. This one is the most "controlled" garden - very nice! Your header photo (from your garden?) looks similar to a section of their walkway.

    I STILL like your garden the best!

  5. Amazing and far more than I can absorb.

  6. The fish pond is a nice touch. They seem to have areas that are spacious and other areas the are dense. Makes it interesting.

  7. This is a very colorful garden, I love it. Love the garden art too. It looks like they added "ears" and earrings to that face planter too.

  8. Another magnificent garden, Linda. Your abundant pictures make me feel like I've been there myself. Thank you! :-)

  9. WOW, a "riot of color" about says it. This is truly the most colorful garden so far. What a treat of continuous eye candy.


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