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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A 4th of July Evening to Match the Morning.

As Jill and the kids went one way, Tom and I went the other , home to regroup, putter, and rest. About 4:20 we packed up the party food and set out for Jan's house on Henderson Bay on the Kitsap Peninsula. 

For those of you not familiar with our geography, the Kitsap Peninsula is in Puget Sound, a large inland sea attached to the Pacific Ocean.  We live near Sea-Tac Airport. Henderson Bay is just west of the town of Gig Harbor on the peninsula.
About five blocks from our house, just driving down the street, we have views of The Mountain, which was very OUT. America the beautiful! 
 We crossed the Narrows Bridge, and were soon at our destination.
Our viewing deck for fun to come.
Soon after we arrived, the kids took to the water of the bay. The water is cold by California standards, and has sea weed, so Sara was not at all sure about this.
Isaac and Irene got her in for a short time. 
Meanwhile Tom was grilling oysters Jan had collected off the beach at low tide that morning.  There were other adults around to eat them, about a dozen of us, but I seem to have photos only of kids. 
Isaac, Irene and Allie floated lazily in the bay. 
And then there was food, or more food, since there had been snacks most of the afternoon. Pulled pork sandwiches, salads, and fruit. The kids were out of the bay and showered and ready for food!  We all dug in. 

As the sun  went down, the kids got their kayaks and paddled in the bay. Brian arrived from visiting a friend from San Jose, where they live, who just happened to be vacationing on nearby Fox Island.

Brian got his turn. 
And then there was dessert!
I joined the kids to do sparklers. 

The California kids had not done sparklers before, since no fireworks are permitted where they live. Sara was tentative but thrilled to get to try them. "I am so happy!", she said to me. 

Brian said, "Here, put this on your blog." So I did!

Jill always buys a family pack of permitted fireworks to set off while we wait for the big show. 
And all around the bay people were putting on their own shows. 

Then, Boom!, the first bomb from the barge burst. 

The grand finale was spectacular! I had switched to my phone from my little Canon  camera, so these are not very good photos, but you get the idea. 

We finally returned home, after midnight, with booms and blasts still going off in the neighborhood long after. But it's only one night of the year.  Celebrate! 

Let freedom ring!


  1. Wow! Like always you had an extremely full, interesting, and fun day! How lucky the California kids were to get to experience some new things.

  2. Fabulous fireworks display, and well captured, Linda. It was a great Fourth for you and your family. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  3. what a beautiful place to celebrate!

  4. You picked the right place to go. You had a blast!

  5. Nice day had by all, it seems.

  6. And here I thought you were all through celebrating. You were just beginning. What a great day and you made use of every minute.

  7. Happy 4th of July! Looks like you had a full day! :)

  8. Looks like a good time was had by all!

  9. Fun was had by all---YAY!!
    Good photos of the fireworks. I always have a hard time with them.
    So nice you all get together. Family is what it's all about.

  10. This is absolutely beautiful! Your always get the best pictures. You wouldn't happen to have room for one more in your family, would you? :)

  11. Your family truly had a most wonderful, delicious, fun 4th of July. Yum!!!


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