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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Garden Touring: The McFerran Garden

We have been having the most lovely summer weather. Gardens are blooming and still green, although that might not last long, given the rainless forecast into the future.

Today we were back on the Kipsap Peninsula, touring NPA Open Gardens in the Gig Harbor area.

First up was the McFerran garden, which I would sum up as green and groomed and with lovely places to linger.

We were surprised to see Tom's sister Jan pull up right behind us when we arrived. We knew she would be visiting a garden as part of her work as an organizer of the annual Gig Harbor Garden Tour, but we didn't know it was the same one we were going to. 
I always like to see how gardeners stage their entrance. This one was very welcoming. 
This moon gate is wonderful and the lint on my lens gives it an ethereal quality. :-(  I cleaned it off. 

The view from the deck is into the green belt,
and out over the garden below.

The view from the seat above. 

I really liked the use of fencing to set off seating areas. 

The command center of the garden. It was also so very tidy and interestingly adorned. 

This sweet little shed was the gardener's office. 

And there were cookies and lemonade too!


  1. so beautiful and tidy...lot of work and creativity!

  2. You all must have the MOST beautiful gardens in the country.

  3. Indeed we are having beautiful weather.

  4. I hope they get some time to sit in the chairs and enjoy the plants.

  5. Such a joy to visit and share the tour through your eyes, stunning.

  6. That is a beautiful garden. I was drawn to the hosta and the bright blue containers especially.

  7. This is a bit wilder and bushier. I still like your garden the best. Your sense of color and groupings with touches of surprises.

  8. Once again a lovely garden to visit. Don't think I have ever seen a moon gate before and loved it, especially that close shot through it. Magical.

  9. I love the garden gate and round arbor, but my favorite is the little shed with the lamp. I am drawn to cozy little nooks like that. By the way, I am still looking at flea markets and thrift stores for an old mirror.

  10. Another beautiful garden full of great ideas. I'd not seen this garden before and it's lovely! Because I'd seen many of the Gig Harbor gardens on the NPA tour a couple of years ago, we went to see the gardens in Snohomish last weekend.


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