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Monday, July 3, 2017

Ready to Celebrate

As we went out for our walk Sunday morning, I told Tom I was sad.  I had read a few articles on line and watched a snippet of Face the Nation, and all week we had been bombarded by the tweets of our Trumpiter in Chief. 

Are we as a nation losing the ability to discern truth from fiction? Do enough of us even care?  

I respect professional journalism. I believe that journalists do their best to present verified facts. I know which is "fake news", and it is not the New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC, ABC, CBS, or even CNN.

The fact that the president doesn't like the reporting of the main stream media says more about him than about the news sources. The movie line "You can't handle the truth!" comes to mind.

Now we are about to celebrate another 4th of July, commemorating the birth of our nation. Our nation was born out of a desire for freedom. That freedom has been tested many times, and it is being tested now. 

We need to rejoice in that freedom! Practice that freedom!  Share that freedom! And guard that freedom from those among us who would do it harm. 

I'm ready to celebrate!  Yep, today was food preparation day. You get the traditional photo of food.  There is rhubarb coffee cake for the parade brunch tomorrow morning. 

And then there is pie! Cherry pie and berry pie, and brownies, because you gotta' have chocolate, and traditional potato salad, all of which we'll share at SIL Jan's party and fireworks show in the evening. 

I got it all done with time to spare, time to sit and put my feet up and anticipate celebrating. Making food has made me happy. Having the freedom to participate in celebrating with friends and family makes me happy. Living in this great nation with its beauty and diversity and traditions makes me happy.

Let Freedom ring!


  1. Your food looks so yummy! Have a great July Fourth celebration!!

  2. Yes, let freedom ring. Have a great Fourth of July.

  3. I've learned more about American politics (not all good I'm afraid) in the last six months than the previous 60+ years! Hope your 4th was good.

    1. Those of us in America have also had to up our game on what our government does.

  4. On the subject of politics I will only say that I am increasingly saddened by the lack of dignity displayed in the presidential office these days.

    I hope you, Tom and your family have a wonderful holiday celebration tomorrow! The food you have made looks delicious! I agree with your sentiment - Let Freedom Ring!

  5. Happy Fourth! Hope you and your family have a grand day celebrating our freedom! On the other subject, just shaking my head in disbelief.

  6. Hope you have a wonderful celebration.

  7. Yes, indeed. You have said it perfectly. I will be celebrating with friends -- parade, barbecue, fireworks. Sadly, no pie.
    Have a great day because it is families like yours that make the country great. Always has been.

  8. I am also celebrating with friends and trying to keep food limited, for the sake of my middle. I too grieve for our beautiful country, but I believe we will prevail. Hugs to you and all your wonderful family on Independence Day! :-)

  9. Perfect post for today. I am not cooking anything because my kids stop by just for some food and then head home. We will do some fast food fried chicken with sides. They have to drive all day to get here on their way back home from a two-week trip, so we are glad we can at least say howdy.

  10. Wow. You garden like an artist and you cook, too! Yum to all. And God bless America.

  11. let's all hope America and our constitution-system of government is strong enough to withstand Trump...

  12. Our country has proven again and again that we are strong. We will survive this nightmare and will continue to celebrate all that is good. Enjoy the day, the family and those marvelous pies.

  13. I can't get over your making all of that. It looks amazing! And I remember how delicious your coffee cakes are.


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