Thursday, July 27, 2017

Eagles Watching Over Us: A Day at the Beach

Those of you who follow along with me know that daughter Jill has been running summer camp for assorted cousins. Allie, who lives in Nebraska, has spent weeks here for several summers now.

Tuesday afternoon we went to the airport to pick up Allie's mom, Sherady, and the kids' other Grandparents, John and Andrea, who live in Colorado, and send them on their way to Whidbey Island in Jill's other car, where they would meet up with Jill and the kids, who were enjoying their annual vacation week at the family cabin on the island. 

On Wednesday Tom and I joined them for the day.

Sherady, who has never been here before, reported on Facebook earlier her first eagle sighting. She was thrilled.

Later in the morning, after we all gathered together and waited for the tide to go out, and out, and out, eagles were present as we took our beach walk. 

 Shells were collected and information shared and wonders explored. 

 From left to right: John, Irene, Jill, Sherady, Isaac, Allie, Tom, and Andrea. 

 In the afternoon, as we dispersed to read or putter or visit, eagles were present. 

 In the late afternoon, there was lazy floating in with the tide in Useless Bay. 
 My view from my camera perch. 
 Launching the grandpas. 

 After a delicious dinner cooked by Jill, head camp supervisor, the lagoon had filled on the high tide and flotation devices were launched at the golden hour. 

 Irene and Allie had the paddle boards. Sherady and John had kayaks.

 Tom assisted in launching Grandma Andrea in the dingy chauffeured by Isaac, and then Jill jumped into a kayak too. Tom and I watched.
 As everyone returned from their excursions, I went out to capture the sunset over the bay.

 There's that mountain in the Olympics and Jill and Jake climbed last week - The Brothers. 
 Toys stowed, ready for another fun day tomorrow. 
 And the sunset over the lagoon. 

And then we all ate cake!

Tom and I came home last night, and I now need to get moving. We are off on another adventure today.


  1. What a nice, beautiful adventure over there. Lovely camaraderie.

  2. An absolutely wonderful family memory building experience. The PNW is truly a wonder to behold.

  3. Large family gatherings make for lots of fun.

  4. What a beautiful setting and such a rich place for experiencing summer.

  5. Another glorious summer day at your island cabin. Bald eagles are such regal birds and it looks like they enjoyed their time there as much as you did.

  6. What a wonderful day! And you two hardly ever let any grass grow under your feet, do you? If you do, it's well manicured grass! :-)

  7. What a great way to while away the summer. Fun family, fun adventures and good food. Some people pay good money for such a camp,

  8. What a perfect summer day. I am so envious!!!


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