Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mukilteo Garden and Quilt Tour: Part 2

So many beautiful quilts in so many beautiful gardens, on such a beautiful day!  Here is the next chapter -  the Larson Garden.

Actually, these first photos are of the neighbor's garden, but the mosaic work was way too cool not to notice. 

The tapestry on the ground was remarkable too. 

And then we were back on the sidewalk approaching the Larsen Garden.

 Wonderful quilting stitching. 

 Most Gardeners find a way to squeeze in a few vegetable crops. 

And the next garden, the most spectacular of them all, was just through the back gate!
Much more to come. 


  1. These gardeners have a good eye for color, shape, texture and size.

  2. I love the mosaic in the first pics especially the fence in the 6th photo I believe it is. Wow!!
    The Larsen garden is neat too.

  3. I sat back ready for the usual long visit, but I can wait until the next post. Love the quilt closeup and the beautiful garden. :-)

  4. Wow, the neighbors almost stole the show. Loved that patio and the view. Someone who quilts and gardens has no spare time on their hands.

  5. Great mosaic work and the ground tapestry is equally fab. I so admire the work of quilters especially because I'm fabric/sewing challenged.

  6. It ia always amazing to me how creative people are with crafts and gardens but you add your creative touch in your blog . It makes for a cool combo. Thanks for sharing.

  7. fantastic ground patterning on those rocks, etc. what a masterpiece...


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