Friday, December 29, 2017

Boxing Day and An Update

We didn't box anything up on Boxing Day, but we did plate up a bunch of cookies to take with us to Whidbey Island.

We made the trip across the sound to spend some time with Tom's brother Dave, his wife Vicki, sister Jan, and Dave and Vicki's daughter Julie, her husband Dave, and their kids Sara and Brian.
 Whidbey Island got Christmas snow too, and while the snow was gone from the beach by Tuesday, it still lingered around the lagoon. 
 The California Reeders had decided to come north for Christmas and spend it at the island cabin. The snow was an extra special gift. 

We had a good visit with all of the bunch, and most of us went out to lunch together in Langley.  After lunch we walked over to the Bud and Bernice Reeder memorial benches to pose for photos. 

Here are the three siblings.
 And here are the rest of the bunch, minus Brian, and me, since I am behind the camera. 
That was Tuesday. Since then we have kept busy at home, going through Christmas gifts, putting away a few things, and dealing with technology issues.

We had our hard drive scrubbed before Christmas, and then Comcast sent us an updated modem. All of that meant lost programs and devices that needed to restore communication with each other. On top of that, I lost my credit card just before Christmas, and the new one finally arrived in the mail today.

As of right now, I think we have everything working, iTunes restored, Carbonite backup reconnected with the computer, and after typing in lots of email address, I think my email address book is once again complete. I have changed my credit card info on all accounts where it was the method of payment. Tad, our tech guy, stopped by to clean up a few other things. Whew!

Now, since the weather is nasty, I think I'll have to dust off my stationary bike out in the garage and do some indoor exercising. 

At least I can read my book that way. I won't find time otherwise. :-)


  1. Gracious, who would have thought it, the Reeders having more fun! I believe in multitasking but reading while riding an exercise bike is not a combination I could handle. Take having fun with you into 2018.

  2. I usually watch TV:) Makes the time go faster:)

  3. At least after Christmas you can take your time putting things back.

  4. On top of everything you lost your credit card!! Sorry about that because I'm sure getting everything back to the way it should be was quite a task!

  5. Yesterday was indeed nasty. However, it looks like i will be very nice today and tomorrow for the holiday weekend. I didn't know about that credit card fiasco; glad it's taken care of. Oh, and I really love the picture you chose for your new header. We only got rain, even though just a few miles down the road it snowed for Christmas.

  6. busyness, i'm getting a new hard drive for my desktop so that should take some time to backup everything and restore with my techie son's help...happy new year!

  7. Good to know a little thing like nasty weather stops you. Never thought of reading while on the bike, may give it a try.

  8. My great sympathy for having to deal with Comcast. I have spent far too much time trying to get my service back up over the past two days. It is finally done, but I told the last person I talked to not to refer me for a customer satisfaction survey.

  9. I was feeling some envy at your island family gathering. Then I saw your photo of your rainy yard and the envy went away. Enjoy your winter!

  10. What a nice family gathering at the cabin! Sorry about your technical difficulties.

  11. This is such a lovely family time of the year.


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