Saturday, December 2, 2017

A Great Night at the Stadium

As some of you have noted, the Major League Soccer season is long, especially if your team progresses through the playoffs. 

On Thursday night the Seattle Sounders played the Houston Dynamo in the second leg of a home and away series for the Western Conference Championship. The first leg had been played in Houston, where the Sounders won 2-0, so we had a head start going into the second leg, We were at home in front of 45,000 fanatics, and the rain had stopped!

We bundled up in typical PNW layers and went in early to join the march to the match in Pioneer Square. 

 The stadium is decked out for the holidays in Seattle colors. Sunday night the Seahawks will play football here. 

 As pregame activities got underway, the trophy was presented. As defending champs, we call it our trophy.
 My old iPhone 5 camera doesn't do well in low light, but you'll get the idea. The atmosphere was charged with excitement. 
 The rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air"
 The Emerald City Supporters turned the stadium into a sea of blue and green.

 The whole stadium!
 My view from the third level concourse as I waited in line for hot chocolate at halftime.
 By the last few minutes of the game, the cell phones lit up. There was no doubt.  The Sounders led 3-0, with an aggregate score of 5-0!
 The Sounders are the 2017 Western Conference Champs, and will defend the MLS Cup next Saturday in Toronto.
 The team got the trophy, 
 And there were fireworks and confetti and smoke and lots of cheering. It was all great fun and we stuck around for all of it. 
 As we headed for the train, we looked back at the stadium, saying goodbye to another great season here. We'll watch next Saturday on TV, and hopefully we'll be back in the city for another welcoming back of the champs parade!  And a new season starts in early March!
 By Friday night we were all dragging. Our plans to go to Clam Lights and the Parade of Boats got rained out. We met up at Red Robin instead, and let someone else do the cooking. 


  1. what fun, winning and a trophy and no rain-what more could you ask fpror?

  2. When I saw the score, I was thrilled for you and all the soccer fans. You all sure do look pooped in that last picture, which I think has you on the other side of it. Congratulations Sounders! :-)

  3. It's always a shame when rain ruins things but it sounds like you had a great day in spite of it.

  4. What an exciting game. You get entertainment value for your dollar.

  5. So fun to share strong interests with the family. It does look like exhaustion set in towards the end.

  6. I am so impressed with how the Sounder fans celebrate their team. You set the bar high for other sports. Congrats big time on the win. Bring home that MLS cup.

  7. Those kiddos are really growing!!! Egads.

  8. Hooray for the Sounders! Another great night at the stadium.

  9. Congratulations! Everyone does look tired in that last picture, but sweet as ever!


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