Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Cookies and Cards

I finished my marathon of cookie baking this morning. Six kinds of cookies are now packed away in the freezer, awaiting holiday dinners and lunches, and to be packed up and given away to friends. 
 Here are the flavors of cranberry, unbaked and baked,
 and apricot
 and chocolate, and cherries,
 and already stowed away, citrus, and hazelnuts, and lots of sugar and butter!

Saturday the kids will come over to make our cookie cutter lemon sugar cookies and gingerbread animals.  Next week they'll come back to make fatigmand, a Scandinavian favorite. 

Then this afternoon I sat down - a relief - and revised my Christmas card list. It's sad to have to remove names of people who have passed. Then I wrote out all of the addresses on the 70 envelopes, and my assistant stuffed, stamped and sealed them up. 
I didn't think anyone else was going to be sending cards this year, what with none arriving in the mail box, but then late this afternoon I found six cards, each with interesting letters, in our mail box. 

Yay! I'm not ready to give up the Christmas card custom yet. Or the cookies either. :-)


  1. Your cookies all look so delicious and so absolutely perfect. How DO you get them so uniform? I'm hopeless at that.
    You cut your Christmas card list down and you're still sending out 70 cards? That's a lot of cards to send. Good thing you have your helper.

    1. My cookie choices are all hand shaped in some way. I have made these same cookies for many years now, and I guess you could say I have it down to a science. It is a slow, labor intensive process however.

  2. me either on christmas cards though being diabetic i'll pass on the cookies...

  3. I send out fewer and fewer cards. My grands do not have time to come down this long trip and make cookies, so I regretfully miss that tradition and we certainly do not need to eat cookies. I make a batch or two and freeze. That is enough.

  4. I just realized I've only received two cards this year, which is because I don't send any. Those cookies look scrumptious! :-)

  5. I still send cards (I make them so I have to send them!), but I gave up the cookie baking years ago. Your cookies are beautiful and I'll bet they are much appreciated by family, friends and neighbors.

  6. You need lots of cookies when you have grandchildren. It's a great thing to make cookies with your grandchildren.

  7. Your cookies are, like everything else you do so well, impressive! Some years I enjoy spending a day or two making cookies but now I mostly make glass cookies in the kiln. They're not nearly as tasty.

  8. You had me at cranberry cookies. Yum. I feel badly that I am one of those that has quit sending cards and suffer guilt when I get them. Bad Patti.

  9. I like Christmas season too. I do some cards--not as many as you although I used to and I decorate the house somewhat but I don't do the cookies anymore. Nobody eats them here (and I am a cookie lover and it shows)but I love the spirit and happiness

  10. Both of these traditions make the season. I love sending and receiving cards. I am a good cookie eater too. ;)

  11. Your cookies are beautiful!! Like you, I too was beginning to think no one was mailing out cards this year, but then we got a few. Neither am I ready to give it up. Too much about Christmas has changed already.

  12. I mailed the last of the Christmas Cards today...didn't even keep one for me! 120 cards...yes it is sad to cross people off the list...we lost two from our list this year. I am glad to hear you send cards too:)


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