Monday, December 11, 2017

Pre-Christmas Family Time on Whidbey Island

Jill likes to spend an early December weekend at the cabin on Whidbey Island, and she invited us to join them. We went up early on Friday to get the cabin warmed up and have dinner ready for them when they arrived from their drive through traffic and the wait in the ferry line. 

Tom and I spent some time shopping in Langley, and watching the sun set over Useless Bay. 

Saturday morning I was up first, and out the door with my camera to capture a frosty world. 

  After breakfast we drove up the hill to Bayview and the farmer's market in the old Grange Hall.

 I bought the picture book with these illustrations on the topic of global warming. 
 We tasted mead, and bought a bottle of the traditional honey style. 
 Isaac is taking a photography class at school and checked out a camera to bring with him. He tried capturing frost drops in the sun. 
 So did I. 
 Then we all went to Langley for some more shopping and just looking, like at The Whale Center.
 And the Garden shed of the Chocolate Flower Farm. Chocolate candles are a specialty. 

 We were all dressed in our Sounders gear because at 1:00 we planted ourselves in front of the TV to watch the MLS Cup final. Unfortunately our Sounders lost.

So as the sun set, we went back to Langley to enjoy the lighted village. 

 It was dark when we returned to the cabin to have dinner and play games.

The next morning Tom and I packed up and then we had time for a little walk on the beach before saying goodbye. 

Jill and the kids stayed until evening. We came home so I could start cookie baking while watching the Seahawks game. They lost too. 

But I was happy to be back home where I can enjoy the decorations and the lights right where I am. 


  1. It's nice to get away but nice to come back home, eh?
    Frost makes for such pretty pictures. On my morning walk I kept seeing all the fallen leaves looking rimmed with white. ( Had to be real careful not to slip as they hadn't spread any sand).

  2. "
    Lots of visual stimulation on this trip! It's amazing the variety of merchandise you can find.

  3. I always love to visit the cabin with you. I am again struck at how quickly the grands are growing up. Isaac is now much taller than you! :-)

  4. It's always a treat to see your time shared with daughter and grandkids.

  5. The lighted village looks so warm and inviting. Sounds like you had a great time with Jill and the kids. Can't believe that Isaac and Irene are taller than grandma already.

  6. how fun to have a getaway place even though cold and frosty looks like fun!

  7. What a nice getaway after all the time you spent decorating. First time I've noticed, your grands have out talled you.

  8. I just love you and your family. Hard to believe how Isaac and Irene have grown up since I started following your blog. Wish you would post how tall each of them are. Jill looks tall too...and beautiful!

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  10. Neat shots. I like Langley--"Village by the Sea" it used to be called. My Mother lived and died there. And Chocolate Flower Farm---Love it and the lady who owns it.
    Merry Christmas to your and your family


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