Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Eve

Jill and the kids came early to our house. The Seahawks were playing the Dallas Cowboys in a game that would eliminate one team from the playoffs.

After making the stuffing for the turkey for the Christmas Day dinner, I was happy to sit with them for a while and enjoy the game, and for a change, it was enjoyable! A 21-12 victory.

Of course everyone was on their devices during the game. It's a requirement. There are lots of time outs and commercials, after all, and the kids were trying out new technology from their Colorado grandparents. 

It was before the game was over that it began to snow.

After the game, as it got dark, I got busy in the kitchen, making Swedish meatballs. The kids, totally unprepared for snow, raided our coat closet for coats and hats and gloves, and went outside to make some snowballs. 
 Jill followed them out long enough to get a few photos, but she said it was hard to get them to stand still long enough for a pose. 
I had to laugh when I saw the hat Isaac was wearing, an old straw hat of mine. There must have been some magic in that old straw hat they found. 

Isaac made a mini-snowman on the patio picnic table for me to enjoy. 
We had a lovely, candle lit dinner in the dining room, with outside lights highlighting the snow covering the trees outside.

After dinner, Irene lit the nativity pyramid, and we all gathered to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas. 
As the snow continued to fall and accumulate, worry about getting back home began to creep in. Jake had already decided to stay at Jill's house rather than going back into the city. But we got them out of the driveway and up the hill and on their way.

Tom and I finished cleaning up and putting away. We decided not to make a gift delivery run to Jill's that night but wait until morning, hoping, of course, that we would make it with the load of gifts and the turkey and the stuffing and the cookies. (We did)

After settling in to watch some TV and catch up on blogs and Facebook, I read a post from one of our blogger friends that stated he always went outside on Christmas Eve to soak up the peace.

I decided about 11:00 to do the same. 

 I walked around the back yard, where the only prominent sound was of my boots crunching in the snow. 

I walked out the driveway to the street where I met a man walking and exchanged a few greetings.  As I looked back through the trees to the house, it all just looked magical. 

 And then, filled with Christmas Magic, I returned to Tom inside, where midnight soon brought us to Christmas day, and time to try to sleep.
Of course the visions of sugar plums and lists and other Christmas emotions kept me awake, but it is, after all, a very special night. 


  1. A splendid post. You are a special family. Wonderful memories for the future.

  2. A special night and a warm and peaceful post. Thanks!

  3. There is something magical about being out at night with the lights all aglow.

  4. You had a wonderful Christmas Eve. I remember so many times in the past when going out to wish the kids a safe trip home as they left our home on Christmas Eve I turned back to the house and even as it was empty and quiet I felt the magic that been there when filled with family love. I’m glad your Christmas was filled with so much magic.

  5. I'd say that was a very pleasant Christmas Eve. Surprised that you had snow.

  6. Oh how lucky to have enjoyed the family, a Christmas snow and the quiet of a snow covered world. Kind of perfect if you ask me.

  7. I thought of all the years of excitement I had as a child on Christmas Eve. Now, I am content to climb into my warm and cozy bed and dream. Love Tom's socks! :-)

  8. You got snow! Lovely lights and views from your place...I liked the snow angel and the snowman:)

  9. Reading this, I felt like I had walked outside with you. It does look magical, and cold and still. You have such a great family. I had a minute to read a few blogs but can't seem to get past yours. I have certainly enjoyed you and your family the last few years. So glad I found your blog.

  10. what a magical white christmas....we had 57 degrees and sunshine-no complaining here...lol!


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