Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas Lunch with the McMicken Bunch

Since I retired from teaching, over 12 years ago - Wow! - some of us who worked at McMicken Heights Elementary get together for lunch once a month. We are the McMicken Lunch Bunch, and our numbers have grown as others have retired. We even include our former young principal who comes whenever she can get free, since she is still working. 

Today ten of us, plus Tom, who knows most of this staff too, gathered at our house for our December lunch.

It was a dark, rainy day, but the house was festive and the dining room was set up and ready.

 The soup pot just needed an occasional stir. When we had all gathered and greeted and hugged and checked out the decorations, we got down to the business of eating. I served up the soup in Christmas mugs. 

 The rest filled their plates with the wonderful food all contributed.

 The conversation was lively as we caught up on news of each other and people we knew from our working days. 

There was dessert too, including some of those cookies I had baked. 

A good time was had by all. T'is the season to be jolly!

To Andrea and Cathleen, you were missed. :-(  Our thoughts are with you. 


  1. Linda, what a wonderful thing to do. You should volunteer for the December lunch every year. Hard to imagine a home more festive than yours.

    1. I haven't done this lunch every year, but quite a few. i think I'll continue for a while yet.

  2. Teacher talk. I know! I missed our eboys lunch yesterday as I had other stuff on the agenda.

  3. I enjoyed the peek at your home/dining table, and your friends too.

    Re the horrible crash of that fast train... we've been watching the news too and hoping for the best for those injured and comfort for those bereaved.

  4. Lovely table and nice to have so many people around it for the holidays.

  5. Such a wonderful gathering, LInda. I am so glad you share your life and your festivities so freely. It helps to make my own skimpy holiday a lot brighter. :-)

  6. Part of the joy of the season is sharing your beautifully-decorated home with your friends. Your guests must have been delighted! There's a similar group of retired teachers/administrators in my school district who meet one Monday each month to celebrate not having to go to work.

  7. Replies
    1. Turkey noodle soup, made from the carcass of the smokey Thanksgiving turkey that I wrapped up and put in the freezer for this purpose.

  8. How nice that you have kept in contact and your Good Housekeeping decorated home was a great setting. Pot lucks are such fun as everyone brings their best dish.

  9. You will always be remembered for this lovely memories.

  10. Wow. You set such a nice table and your entire house looks so wonderful. Even the garden is highlighted with your windows.

    My house is a dump compared to yours and I serve on disposable plates. You inspire me. Mahalo for sharing and allowing people like me to see how you decorate and provide for others.


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