Saturday, December 16, 2017

Cutting Up with Cookies

Today was the day. The day to make sugar cookies and gingerbread, our cookie cutter cookies. 

Daughter Jill can get pretty irreverent with her humor, but you know she cares about tradition when she shows up each year with the bag of aprons I made for them years ago. 
Unfortunately, the small size aprons don't exactly fit anymore. Irene was game to wear Isaac's, but Irene's got left on the table. Isaac wore the bag. 

That got Tom and me to thinking about when those aprons were first used. These photos are from December 2007.

 Irene took after her mother, "I do it by myself!" Her sprinkles were a bit generous. 
 She still prefers "rainbow sprinkles". 
 Isaac has always been a bit more cautious. 

 Oh my gosh. so cute!

 Making cherry twinkles was a lot of fun too. After pushing the cherry into the thumbprint, Irene announced "I twinkled!"

Today's cookie making had its moments too, like when Irene announced that it was not possible to continue if there were no more rainbow sprinkles. I found some. Whew. 
 These days we are more methodical, arranging all the cutters at once to get maximum coverage. 
 Tom spelled me with part of the rolling out this year. It was good to let go of some of that job for a change. 
 The neighbor cat came to call and we had to stop and give it some attention. I call it the dog-cat because when you rub its head, it jumps up on your leg for more. Irene wants to adopt it. I do think it already has a home though. 
 The meticulous work of sprinkle art continued. 

 The cat stuck around too. 
 When all of the sprinkles were sprinkled and all of the sugar cookies baked, it was time to decorate the ginger bread we had cut out and baked first. 
 Everyone has their own style. 

 Now the cookies are all baked and are stored or drying. The mess is all cleaned up. The Cookie Monsters went off to see the Star Wars movie, I made Tom and me some dinner, and now we are settling in for the evening. 

We have to watch the last Star Wars movie again before we see the new one. We have lots of good memories to remember, but not necessarily great remembering abilities. 


  1. I say, Adopt The Cat. I’m always amazed your children and grandchildren continue year after year to participate in making and decorating cut out cookies. Very cool.

  2. Oh, my, I loved seeing those old pictures from when the aprons actually fit!. Isn't it time to make new aprons, Grandma?
    That is some impressive amount of cookies.

  3. how fun to see the christmas cookies photos from the past, the grandkids grow up too fast...

  4. Sweet aprons and even sweeter traditions! Merry Christmas!

  5. Great Christmas tradition. I can see the grandchildren doing this some day. My sister-in-law does this and her oldest grandson is 22. She also does this monthly and has all the grandchildren the same night.

  6. Traditions like this are very special! The pictures of Irene and Isaac from 2007 are adorable.

  7. Such wonderful cookies! And to see how much the grands have grown in the last decade was a sweet treat in itself. :-)

  8. Wow have they grown but evidently have not out grown cookie making. That is the way to cut cookies Linda, from behind the camera with busy elves still working:))

  9. Such a wonderful family tradition. I totally admire that, and how you and Tom give so much to your family togetherness.

  10. What cute photos of Irene and Issac when they were little! You should probably make some new aprons! :)

  11. I read this post last night but it was late and didn't get to leave a comment. Your cookie baking night with the grandchildren is one of my favorite posts. I loved seeing the old pictures. Isaac and Irene were simply adorable...well, they still are beautiful. both of them! You have such a special family.


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