Friday, December 22, 2017

More Celebrations

This morning Tom and I finished our cookie deliveries and then attended Becky's Brunch. An annual tradition now, this is a gathering of retired educators connected to Tom's last school, Des Moines Elementary. This Des Moines is a a suburban city near the Seattle/ Tacoma airport. Our host, Becky, puts on a wonderful brunch in a beautiful setting.

After making one more stop to deliver cookies to one more of our DesMoines group who is recovering from knee surgery, we arrived back home and had a bit of a rest before Tom's sister Jan arrived. 

Soon after, Jill and the kids arrived, and then Jake appeared. We were ready for our little early Christmas with Jan, who was then heading to Whidbey Island to spend Christmas with the California Reeders, who had decided to have a Puget Sound Island Christmas. 

Or course we all gathered in the kitchen, where hors d'oeuvres included Whidbey Island mead, fancy local cheese and lefse.
 Then there were gifts!

 Irene gave Aunt Jan one of her paintings,  of Sunlight Beach and Double Bluff.
About 5:15 we sat down to an early, festive dinner of steak and crab. Of course there are no photos of that, because between cooking and organizing and eating and talking, I never got back to my camera. 

The evening ended early with Jan headed to the island and the kids headed home and Tom and I headed to our recliners. 

We are having a wonderful week of celebrations, but we have to rest when we can. 

As we head into the Christmas weekend, there will be more cooking and eating and celebrating before the big day. We will love it all.

Here's hoping your holidays are joyous too. 


  1. My holidays are the exact opposite of yours, Linda, but I sure do enjoy the vicarious enjoyment of your many events and gatherings. Have a very wonderful Christmas holiday and remember to get some rest! :-)

  2. fun times with family...I have one son, dg=in=law and three grandkids here so we are keeping busy!

  3. Celebrations have to be staggered these days. You had a great time. You rest? I thought you never stopped!

  4. Loved the table setting in the first picture. You all really know how to celebrate the holidays. As busy as you are, snag the rest when you can.

  5. In my books, teaches/educators are the best people, ever! Have a very Merry Christmas, Linda!

  6. I love seeing the pictures and hearing about your family. They all are very special. Irene is beautiful. Hope you all have a merry Christmas!

  7. Wonderful celebrations with family and friends!

    Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best in 2018!!


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