Greetings from Seattle

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Letting no moss gather, the day after my birthday bash, we were off on other adventures.

Often when we visit private gardens, it's through the Open Gardens program of the Northwest Perennial Alliance, of which we are members. Friday there was a very special garden open for members.

We made it to our usual Friday morning breakfast, a bit late, and then we were off on a ferry ride across the sound to the Kitsap Peninsula.

 We left Seattle behind

 and after some driving and a search for lattes to go with the granola cookies we bought on board the ferry, we arrived here - Windcliff, the newest garden of international plantsman and horticulturalist Dan Hinkley and his partner, architect Robert Jones.
Previously the two had created Heronswood, a world famous garden nearby.  In about 2004 they sold it and began this new garden on high bank property overlooking the sound in Indianola. 
 The approach to the house is lined with wonderful shrubs and trees, many of which I have no knowledge of.  Hinkley collects plants from all over the world, and naturally his garden is filled with rare and exotic plants.

One side of the house is flanked by a bamboo garden.

 Back by that greenhouse is the vegetable garden, which we'll come back too.
 The most famous part of this garden is in the front of the house, on the dry and windy bluff overlooking the sound.

 Prickly pear by the pond?  Why not!

 A new take on the idea of a pot of Swiss chard. 


That wasn't our only stop on Friday, but it was the most spectacular one.  

I'll be posting all week about the other places we visited on Friday and Saturday.  There will be lots of photos and few words, so you can go fast if you want to.

Around here, we are slowing down and attempting to get back into a summer daze pattern. Just picture me on my lap top, or doing my exercises or reading or walking or puttering in the garden or picking flowers or trying to keep up with the zucchini!


  1. our zucchini plants died...wish you lived closer. wow what an exotic garden-loved the variety!

  2. That would be an eye full. What a long list of plants! Colors? Lots of it. You're very lucky to be on such a classy tour.

  3. The beauty of flora in your area never fails to astound me.
    Around here, there is a joke about locking up your car so the neighbors can't slip zucchini into them.

  4. What a stunning place! Does a fellow gardener look at it all and see how much work it takes to make it look like that? I know I sure thought about it. :-)

  5. They must have several full time gardeners, it is a beautiful spot:) That first Hydrangea is a lovely color!

  6. Wow. I would love to visit these gardens. Spectacular, and most of the plants are unfamiliar to me.

  7. Wow .... your pictures are amazing. I love looking at these beautiful gardens. Thanks so much for taking us along with you. Wish I was there in person!

  8. How special that they've opened the garden for the NPA. I visited twice this summer and loved the garden! It was interesting to see the difference in the garden between visits and now your later visit shows even more growth and different blooms.


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