Wednesday, September 12, 2018

But Not Much

I haven't posted for a while because I didn't think I had anything to post about. I took my camera outside to photograph not much.

The weather changed, from hot to cool and frequently cloudy, and occasionally some rain, but not much.

So far we have had .22 (that's 22 hundredths) of an inch since "the rains came back". That makes a total of.....  .22 inches since sometime in June. Yes, Seattle does have summer drought, and this is the droughtiest on record. 

I did a little yard work, but not much. Tom fertilized the lawn about two weeks ago, and so he has had to keep up with the mowing. The grass is looking almost restored now.

Tom trapped a mole a couple of days ago and that put a stop to the digging for now. We don't usually kill furry critters, but we have no problem with dead moles. 

I contributed to the work by scissoring the edges all around the lawn.
It's all looking trim again.

I have been working on improving my mobility issues by diligently doing my exercises and not overdoing walking. There is a slight improvement, I think, but not much. I have an event coming up this weekend that requires walking and standing, so I won't be crawling around the edges of the lawn to pick up the trimmings. 

Isaac's youth soccer season started Saturday so Grandpa and I represented the family while Jill was off in the mountains again. Rain had been a possibility, but no, not so much. The sky was blue and the sun warmed us on the sidelines. 

I have been reading, books not so much as other stuff. I did finish a book this week, Someone Knows My Name, by Lawrence Hill. It's not a new book, was published in 2007, but someone recommended it to me, and it was wonderful, though not an easy read, as it deals with slavery in the American colonies. I do recommend it though. It is eventually uplifting.

Not so uplifting are the political articles and editorials I read, probably way too much. Seems like we go from bad to worse daily. Now we have hurricanes bearing down on our islands and coastlines, and Boy, didn't we do a heck of a job in Puerto Rico. I wish you well, all who are affected by threatening weather. I'll be ready to donate.

I didn't use up all of my photos, so I might just have enough of "not much" for another post!

I'll leave you with a sunny scene. Life is good here and I don't have much to complain about. 


  1. We had quite the thunder storm yesterday and pouring rain so I just checked and apparently we've gotten just shy of 2" of rain this month. Our water barrels are overflowing but unless DH decided to do some power washing we really don't need that water now.
    It's good to hear you can move more easily now and that you're faithfully doing your exercises.

  2. I am listening to the new Bob Woodward book, “Fear.” The narrator is excellent so I’m enjouying it a lot. It does my heart good to listen to Barack Obama speak. I’m more encouraged than I’ve been in a while.

  3. Look after yourself. Don't over do it. You do have some great colors there. By the way , our average rainfall per year is 14 in!

  4. Those rain covered leaves are absolutely gorgeous.

  5. I loved your post VERY MUCH, Linda. I'm always impressed with the amazing work you and Tom do with your gorgeous garden. Like Olga I agree that raindrops on plants look so beautiful.

  6. You do so much that even a tiny bit (not much) of it is pretty fabulous. Nice to see a bit of rain.

  7. This is a wonderful post! It is nice to hear about your everyday home life and your photos are beautiful. Good luck on improving your mobility. You and Tom do so much and stay so busy, maybe you simply overdid things. It seems like as I get older I have to find the right amount of activity without overdoing it to feel my best. If I'm not active I don't feel good but if I overdo it I really pay with aches and pains. Take care Linda, it's always good to hear from you.

  8. So glad your grass is finally looking better. I think we must have gotten more rain here than you did, we've had quite a bit over the last few days.

  9. I too am always glad when you post, and the other thing is that your pictures are not so many that I can savor and enjoy every one. Glad to hear your resident mole is gone, and your yard looks wonderful. And hopefully your mobility issues are clearing up. :-)

  10. Ha a drought too and a long hot summer ...the skunks are back digging up our lawn for grubs too

  11. Nice to read your post. I loved the gorgeous flowers. I’m still in UK with Buddy with our little grandkids and I got to discover at my age being a granny is not as easy. I have to be careful that my knee will not give way when going up/down stairs with a little one in my arms. And their energy is always high so I welcome nap time . Weather here near London has been splendid. Love having you as a blog buddy. Till next time keep well.

  12. Twenty two hundredths of an inch??? That is not rain but a tease. You garden looks marvelous regardless. Complements to the caretakers.
    That book sounds like one I would like. Just checked and my library doesn't have it so I put it on a wish list so maybe they will order it.
    Keeping my eyes and heart on Florence.

  13. With a yard and family like yours, there is always something to post about. Just seeing you and Tom and your flowers makes me happy.


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