Thursday, September 13, 2018

Leftover Garden Photos

Changes are subtle in the garden now, as we mark the time between summer and fall. 

The Sedum 'Autumn Joyis adding color where other blooms are shutting down. 

 This is Sedum 'Brilliant'. I don't remember what the white one is called. 

I cut the hardy geraniums in the rose bed back hard in August and they are re-blooming
 The fancy leaf pelargoniums are looking lush on the porch. Tom will soon be taking cuttings. 
 He was in the greenhouse getting ready for preparing his cutting starts. 

 Heucheras are happy on the porch too. 
Foliage tapestry with filigreed Acanthus, thanks to some chewing critter. 

 Fuchsias love late summer. 
 Good re-bloom on some of the roses. 

Maples still hold on to their green as seeds ripen. 

Hop Man is happy with his hop crop. 

And finally, the Brugmansia is blooming! 
 Tom cut it back hard as it was wintering over in the greenhouse, and I guess it was mad it him so it withheld its blooms all summer. 

 It's lovely now, though, although we are not outside in the evening  to enjoy its fragrance much. 
Rain is still holding off. It will arrive just in time to dampen our weekend. 

At least it's not a hurricane. 


  1. I love the pictures of Tom's cutting starts. Great setup! I wish I had that kind of space to do that and have flourishing new plants throughout the year like you do.

  2. Every year I say I am going to plant hops for some fun and forget. My heucheras do not do as well a yours as our climate is to hot, I guess. Your garden looks so tidy. I was sick and did not get out for weeks and my garden looks lost among the weeds.

  3. Gorgeous photos, Linda. I love your greenhouse where you can plant your cuttings each fall.

  4. So very beautiful! I enjoy seeing your garden in all seasons, Linda, and it's fun to see Tom getting ready for his starts. :-)

  5. Fall is a busy time when you start cleaning up the garden. You also know how to squeeze a few more blooms from some oaf your plants. Nice!

  6. That Sedum "Autumn Joy" is so pretty!! The flower head does look something like that Sedum I have growing in the pot, look how tall and beautiful your's is growing. I really really like Hop Man. He has found the perfect home there!

  7. I'm envious of your hardy Fuchsias still blooming enthusiastically. Mine are about done.
    Your Heucheras are also in great shape. Mine are bedraggled by the rain.

  8. how fun that your garden/yard keeps hubby would love a green house and a growing climate! But we're just happy 100 degree days seem to be over but no rain.

  9. Still lots of delight in your garden as summer's end approaches. My container gardens are looking pretty exhausted from the unusual heat of our summer.
    Mums are about the only thing that will carry through fall with some colorful blooms, but the tres will be putting on their show soon enough.

  10. I love leftovers and you've got some pretty tasty offerings! Tom's industriousness has convinced me to take geranium cuttings this year. Wish me luck finding space!

  11. Tom's green house and his cuttings must save you a bundle on replacement plants.

  12. Tom's geraniums look really healthy! You still have plenty of blooms in your gardens:)


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