Saturday, September 1, 2018

Cleaned Up, Trimmed Up, Greened Up

When it wasn't too hot, and when we weren't vacationing out of town, we have put in quite a few hours in the last few weeks sprucing up our garden, really quite unusual for us in the usually lazy month of August.

As a result, we are ready for a lazy month of September.

We have weeded, trimmed off all the spent and browning perennials, deadheaded, and lastly, freshly edged the lawn. The result is that it all looks pretty good for having gone through a scorching summer. 

We'll take you out the patio door, around the yard, down the path to the deck, and around to the front. 

The moles have been busy, since we have a watered yard, the only one around. Where the moles tunnel, the raccoons come at night and dig, but because we have kept up a steady treatment of the lawn, the grubs have not returned, so the raccoons are not rolling up weakened sod looking for them. We don't like to use chemicals, but we like having a decent looking lawn. 

Another no, no. Tom is setting mole traps. Once in a while he is successful. Don't ask, don't tell. 

Seeds on the Japanese maple are maturing.

Chickadees will be eating the sunflower seeds. 


Son Jake gave me the Buddha for Christmas. Tom gave me the stones. Truth and Patience, what we try to hang on to in these troubled times, a little reminder to find peace within. 

Two primroses are emerging for a fall blooming.

Fall blooming cyclamen are popping up. 

Hops are ripening on the golden hop vine. 
The tomato wall is producing lots of fruit. 

And here we are, back where we started. 

September is upon us. School is starting soon, unless yours is one of the many school districts in this state that may be facing teacher strikes. 

Sunflowers are smiling down on me. 

Ready or not, we welcome September. 


  1. The edges of your flower beds look so nice and crisp, well done. Love seeing your garden with all of those blooms and plants. Have a well deserved rest.

  2. Your garden looks so spiffy! It must be great to have two people who enjoy working on it together. Normally I don't go immediately for a chemical solution either, but I do have a bottle of that stuff that starts with an R in the house, so SSshhh, don't tell anyone. I'm glad your grass looks good again.

  3. Great to see your yard looking so good. Hasn’t this been a dry, hot summer? Felt that way to me.

  4. Your garden looks fantastic. Glad to hear that the racoons are being a little less destructive than they were. Darned moles. Ciscoe swears by mint mole blaster Luckily, our district and union settled and we'll be returning to school on time. The beginning of the school year doesn't seem quite real yet even though I've been working on my classroom for a couple of weeks now. Hoping to join the retired teacher club in five years but that seems awfully close.

  5. What a beautiful and serene place, Linda. All your hard work (and Tom's too) is evident in your beautiful garden. Lovely! Thank you for the great pictures and the tour. :-)

  6. Always amazed how beautiful your garden looks considering all the time you put into other activities. Looks like you have pretty much beaten the raccoons.
    I noticed my first mole tunnels when mowing this week. Callie had put a hurting on the population but they are rebounding. Phooey.

  7. hurrah for september, your yard looks immaculate...

  8. So beautiful! Thank you for the tour. I don't know how the two of you manage to keep up with all that, you are both amazing! School started here on August 15th and to me that is too early. When I was young we never started until after Labor Day.

  9. Such a wonderful garden, every patch in harmony with each other. Reminds me of a masterpiece quilt.

    Thank you for sharing.

  10. That's an amazing number of plants for one yard.

  11. Your yard is lovely. You definitely deserve to have a lazy September.

  12. The gardens are beautiful, Linda. The moles will get under control once the grubs are gone. You'd think they would eat them all and move on, but it does seem we need to help nature along when it comes to pests.

  13. Oh. My. Goodness! Your property is astounding! That requires a lot of work. I’m so impressed!


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