Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Labor Day Weekend: Monday Labors

It was with a slow pace that we began to move here Monday morning. After two busy days, we were in no hurry to do much,  but eventually we preformed a few labors.

I got my exercises done while Tom read the paper. We did a little Monday housework. Tom does bathrooms, I dusted a bit and put a few things away. While Tom vacuumed the traffic areas, I dumped all the old flower arrangements and picked new ones. The dahlias, zinnias, marigolds, and asters are still producing abundant color. 

Lunch was late, long, lazy, and on the patio. 

I got the laundry finished and folded while Tom mowed the lawn. I spent time on the computer sorting photos and preparing posts. 

After a light dinner that included lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, we went for a short walk in the neighborhood. 

The sun was low when we arrived at the neighborhood park
 A wonderful old pyracantha bush was loaded with orange berries. 

 Everything is so dry, and leaves are turning brown early. 

 The setting sun gave us a farewell wave to summer vacations.

With big changes in the state funding of public schools this year, including money for teacher pay increases, many districts will not be starting on time this week, as teachers are on strike, having to bargain with district administration and school boards for their raises. Hopefully settlements will be reached soon. Our district, where Jill and the grand kids go to school, has settled and will be starting Wednesday. 

I am usually melancholy on Labor Day, seeing it as the end of summer and freedom, but finally this year, 13 years after I retired, I think I am getting over that. We have things planned and our summer continues. 

Now as I click the "Publish" button, it is Wednesday. The weather is great, sky a clear blue, and we are settled into our September lazy days. Life is good. Just don't dwell on the news. 


  1. This is my favorite time of the year, but I too wish we could get a little rain. Once it starts, however, it won't be stopping for quite awhile. :-)

  2. Your flowers are beautiful! So glad that after 13 years, you're able to enjoy the part of summer after Labor Day.

  3. Sounds like the perfect life. So Tom’s job is bathrooms and vacuuming while you make new flower arrangements? Hmmm

  4. I love September and cooler certainly get a lot done on just one day!

  5. Seattle is dry? I never thought that about the place.

    Love your floral arrangements. The long petal pale pink one looks like a chrysanthemum to me. Really lovely.

    1. We always have summer drought. This year has been the driest on record, with less than an inch of rainfall for all of June, July and August.

  6. Hard to believe how brown the grass is. You really have been dry. I do think you got the better of the deal by flower arrangement while Tom does bathrooms and vacuuming though I'm sure your efforts are more visible.

  7. You and lazy days? I don't think so. You are always on the go and accomplish so much.

  8. Your Dahlias really are lovely! I particularly like the yellow spiky one with red/orange tips.

  9. My goodness your grass is brown, it must be very dry there. Your flowers are beautiful!

  10. Gorgeous flowers, Linda. Art does the bathroom and vacuuming too. You and I are very lucky.


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