Friday, September 14, 2018

Fruits of Late Summer

We are eating tomatoes every day: sliced, in salads, with cottage cheese, with mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and olive oil. 

They are on the table for lunch and dinner. We don't get tired of home grown tomatoes.

Yesterday I picked a bunch of the Roma tomatoes. These are Italian paste tomatoes. 

 I don't can anything anymore. If it can't be eaten fresh, it will go into the freezer. These Romas will be rinsed off, dried, put whole into zip lock bags and put into the freezer. When I want to use them in soups or stews I just take some out, run hot water over them, slip the skins off, chunk them up and throw them in the pot. 

We also have home grown pears, which get picked green, and are now ripening, so we are eating pears every day too. 

At Costco the other day I saw these fresh figs. 

We love fresh figs but seldom find them in markets, so they are a real treat. As you can see in this photo, we have been eating them too. They are wonderful with a smear of fresh Chevre cheese and a dribble of honey.
While the beans and cucumbers and zucchini are shutting down in the raised beds, and there are still some carrots and beets yet to be dug, September is fruit time! We might even get a small apple crop from our espaliered trees, even though the bees didn't do their jobs very well in the cold and wet of last spring. 

And speaking of wet, we got some honest-to-goodness rain last night and this morning. 

We can almost hear the grass growing. 


  1. All that fresh fruit and tomatoes looks sooo good! I love a good rain except as you said I can hear the grass growing and know I'll have to cut more often.

  2. lovely produce, love fresh garden tomatoes...rain is so needed. good you are getting rewards of all your hard work gardening...

  3. I think I'll have a couple of tomatoes with cheese and basil on them tonight, you just made me hungry for it! Looks great, Linda. :-)

  4. I put much effort into growing a vegetable garden because the produce tastes so good...much better than from the grocery store. So your photos show the goodness of produce right out of the garden. We freeze tomatoes too.

  5. Lucky you! I love caprese and am jealous that you get to eat so much of it fresh from the garden. Yum!

  6. Our garden has been a disaster this year. No beans and few edamame. Tomatoes are OK...but mostly limited in flavor and full of bugs bites. Eggplant is here but hubby planted the long thing ones which are harder to peel. No bell peppers. No carrots. I do have a ton of garlic to process!

  7. There is something so beautiful about your rain-washed patio. Tomato with basil and figs with honey. My mouth is watering.

  8. I am not a big tomato eater but you made them look so good, I will give them a try. I prefer the Roma for fresh eating. More meat, less seeds.
    So glad your plants got some of the real water.

  9. I've done the same with my surplus tomatoes other years. This year we could just barely keep up with eating them and give some away too.

  10. I also freeze extra tomatoes. It's a wonderful time of year with all of the garden's bounty of fresh fruits and you've used them well in your delicious-looking creations! Have you considered planting a fig tree in your garden? They grow quickly and produce while still very young.


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