Monday, September 24, 2018


Now that it is officially fall, I can decorate.

My sister Laurie made  a handkerchief wreath for me and gave it to me in August at our family picnic. I had never seen one like it before. With it's autumnal colors, I decided to wait to hang it by the front door. 

This is the back side.
We talked about maybe embellishing it with some sunflowers or whatever.

So I did. I bought a couple of bunches of artificial flowers and leaves at JoAnn's, cut them up, and stuck them in the wreath. 
 Today I hung it by the front door. 
 Those geraniums will fade and disappear before the frost, but my pretty wreath won't. 
Thank you, Laurie!

Oh, and here are the real items, plucked from the garden,  in a bouquet in the bathroom. 
They won't last either, but they sure are fun while they do last. 


  1. Bright warm welcome at your door.

  2. I like the wreath your sister made and it's even prettier with the embellishments you attached.
    Cute bouquet of Sunflowers and Hydrangeas.

  3. Pretty wreath you made, but I sure do love those real sunflowers in the bathroom bouquet. :-)

  4. I've never seen a handkerchief wreath before. How clever of Laurie! Your embellishments finish it off perfectly and make it a celebration of autumn!

  5. Wow, you turned an all ready lovely wreath into a spectacular one. Great job both of you.

  6. The wreath is so pretty. You placed the flowers just right so the ends of the handkerchiefs look like the leaves. A wreath like that, without the flowers added, would be pretty on the door of a small log cabin like ours. It looks country. I rarely go outside with my bandanna in my pocket.

  7. Wow! That wreath is so bright, colorful and autumn cheerful. You and your sister could go into business together.


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