Monday, September 3, 2018

Labor Day Weekend: Saturday Goodbyes

Saturday morning I got up early enough to prepare food for the next day's picnic. The memorial service for John McCain was on the TV. I watched a bit, set it to record so I could go get my shower, and then down in the kitchen I turned it on in time to watch Presidents George Bush and Barack Obama eulogize the senator. I thought both did a wonderful job. As I made brownies and got them into the oven and then started prepping macaroni salad I was drawn to the images on the screen, and to the music of the choirs and the organ. It was a bit hard to see what I was doing when the vocalist and instrumental ensemble preformed Danny Boy. I had to keep wiping my watery eyes.  

It was a very touching farewell, and a reminder that greatness comes from caring about others rather than pronouncing yourself great. 

All cooking done, we set off about 11:00 for the light rail, and a ride downtown to the 1:00 Sunders match. There we said goodbye to another, different sort of hero. At the age of 35 our local, national, and international soccer star Clint Dempsey was hanging up his cleats and departing the soccer pitch for the last time as a professional soccer player. Considered by most to be America's greatest soccer player, we had loved watching him play in Seattle for the last four years. But age and injury has a way of catching up to even the greatest. 

His wife and four kids joined him as the crowd roared their appreciation for "Deuce", so named for his jersey number 2.

 It's sad to know that we will not see him play again. He was so much fun to watch, with his skill and daring and outlaw attitude on the field. 

Then the match against Kansas city got underway. 
 It was a beautiful day and the Sounders won 3-1, extending their win streak to 8 games.
 We took our time walking back into the city to the light rail station. 
Back home, I cooked a light supper, we watched the parts of the McCain Memorial service we missed, and relived some of the scenes from the game and the goodbyes that I had also recorded. 

It was a day to remember that America is great, and we are fortunate to be Americans. 


  1. I also thought it was a wonderful service for John McCain. And Danny Boy was a real tear jerker, I agree. Congratulations to the Sounders on their winning streak, and I'm sure it was bittersweet to say goodbye to Deuce. Thanks for keeping me interested in local soccer! :-)

  2. greatness comes from caring about others rather than pronouncing yourself great

    So true!

  3. John McCain had flaws for sure but it was so good for my political soul to spend that time on Saturday in the America John loved. It was so hard to go back to the reality of today.

  4. You had good times and good memories of John McCain.

  5. sounds like a perfect holiday celebration and great weather too...

  6. A beautiful day to bid farewell to Sen. McCain and Clint Dempsey.

  7. I enjoyed the president's speeches. It was a moving ceremony. John was one of the few Rep I wasn't afraid of. Sorry your great player is leaving. We do get attached don't we?

  8. I missed seeing the funeral but I heard it was a good send off. :)

  9. I also thought the presidents did a great job on the speeches and John McCain planned everything perfectly.


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