Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Labor Day Weekend: Sunday Hellos, and Hugs!

Those of you who have been with me as bloggers know that Sunday of Labor Day weekend is time for the Phosie-Gertie Picnic!

Phosie and Gertie were the sister progenitors of the large group of siblings and cousins who for years have congregated at our summer cabins on Sunlight Beach, Whidbey Island. 

Here we are, on the 45th Anniversary of our first annual family picnic.
I can tell you who all of the adults are, but I get lost on the kids. I'm pretty sure we borrowed a few, which we often do here on the island. Eleven of them are actually related to each other through Phosie and Gertie. We have three generations of siblings, cousins, and second cousins.

There are some missing, of course, but it's quite a crew, that we keep adding to. 

As the official photographer, I didn't even try to capture everything this year. We did do the traditional things:
1. The Honoring of the Elders, the oldest generation of direct descendants-
 All were presented with official crowns and medallions by members of this gaggle. 
 The next generation 50's club was started as David becomes the first to reach the age of 50. 
 2. The water balloon toss-I got in a few photos after my partner and I were out.
 This photo shows you what our two cabins look like now, much different from the original rustic places built long ago. 
 There were winners, but then we all had to run for cover as the water balloon fight broke out among the kids and the extra "ammunition". 
 3. The sand castle contest- The tide sort of cooperated, giving us enough exposed sand to create something on the theme of International Sports. Of course many had the World Cup in mind, but there were some interesting variations, such as the newest international competition, The Corn Hole Cup, and the Quidditch Pitch. 

 When time was called, each team chose a spokesman to present their sand creation. 

 Jill, who did a great job as Activities Director and herder of cats - er, cousins, declared them all winners. Then she gave them the STAY command as she and her helper set up the candy hunt by throwing handfuls of candy all around the grounds of the cabin. 

The scramble was on!  And then the best part, all the kids sorting their goodies and making trades and swaps and bargaining. 

Then I put my camera away. It was time to make all of the food appear. Tom, following in the footsteps of his dad, grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and brats. Salads and hot dishes appeared, and of course, there were desserts too. 

Eating commenced, along with lots more visiting. 

The kids played on. The elders gathered on the deck to reminisce and talk about family history. The day faded to dusk, and those of us returning home made our way up the hill and to the ferry.

Another successful Phosie-Gertie Picnic is in the books. 


  1. I always enjoy reading about this event. Glad to see it is still going strong.

  2. What great family you and Tom have! Think I've said that many times. I just love seeing you all together, and enjoy looking closely at the pictures to recognize some, from following your blog. My family used to have big family reunions but not any more. Not since my mother and all her brothers and sisters are gone. How nice it would be if all families could stay close like yours. I always recognize Jill and Isaac and Irene and love seeing them again.

  3. That was quite the crowd. Had to laugh at the few extra children. As a kid, I know I ended up in a lot of family reunion photos as I would join my friends family reunions. Know there are folks somewhere saying, Who is that little girl in the yellow? She one of ours?"

  4. I think it so great that you keep in such contact with extended family. You certainly seem to enjoy every possible opportunity for a celebration.

  5. I have enjoyed these over the years and look forward to many, many more! :-)

  6. Great tradition to have. Keep at it. You are all together in the area so why not have a picic and family reunion!

  7. Great article. Thanks for sharing.


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