Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Good Day

It was a crisp, sunny October day. I got done what I needed to do - exercises, grocery shopping, a final bouquet of dahlias for the kitchen table. 

At 3:00 we left to pick up our grandson, and together we went to our granddaughter's middle school track meet at a near by stadium. We found her practicing hurdles.

We settled into the grandstand and visited with Isaac, at least as much as a 15 year old visits. We were soon joined by daughter Jill, fresh from her work as an elementary school PE teacher.

We visited and caught up with each other's news as we waited for Irene's events. First up for her, the 100 meter low hurdles. Now, I can't even imagine running and jumping over hurdles, but Irene certainly got the hang of it.  That's her, blonde pony tail flying. 
 She cleared with plenty of room to spare, and she won!
From a distance we watched her make three solid long jumps.

The last event was the 4x400 meter relay. Since this was a small meet, just one other school and that school with a small team, there was only one heat for both boys and girls, and only from Irene's school. 

Irene ran the final leg and the boy had a good lead on her when she got the baton. As they passed the grandstand on the final stretch she was catching him. It helps to have long legs!
She beat him by a nose at the finish line. She had never run a competition 400 before. She liked it!

By this time Tom's sister Jan had joined us. They are twins, and today was their birthday. We all went out to dinner after the meet.  We ate yummy food at Bahama Breeze. Three of us had shrimp and grits. Irene had lobster mac and cheese. 
And we celebrated another good year for these two. 

Happy Birthday, and best wishes for another good year and lots more good days like this one. 


  1. Happy birthday to them both, and congratulations to the long-legged beauty who now got a taste of competition! Watch out, world. :-)

  2. Congratulations to Irene and happy birthday to the birthday boy.

  3. Happy birthday to Tom and Jan! Congratulations Irene!

  4. Happy Birthday to Tom and his sister. You certainly have athletic grands. Great to see kids active and not staring at a screen. And she beat the boy!!!

  5. Wow! Irene sure can jump those hurdles. Congrats to her.
    And to Tom and Jan....those birthday desserts look amazingly delicious!

  6. Irene is a beauty, just like her mom, and very athletic, like her mom. She really cleared those hurdles. The pictures are great! I didn't know Tom and Jan were twins. That is so neat! Happy birthday to them both.

  7. Happy Birthday to Tom and Jan too! Looks like they got a special cake! Run Irene Run! She looks great doing the hurdles:)

  8. It must be so much fun to have a twin. Happy Birthday to Tom and Jan! I can’t get over how tall and grown up Irene is. I remember when she was that little beautiful golden child and now she’s a gorgeous young lady. You must all be so proud of her.


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