Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Blooms: Summer. Fall, and Spring

We planted tulip bulbs today. For spring flowers you have to plan ahead.  It may still be cold and wet when those glorious colors of orange and purple and pink burst forth. They will be most welcome. 

Today the soil was dry and the sun was warm as we worked in the garden. The vegetable garden has been deconstructed, spent plants now on the compost heap. A few annuals are still adding a bit of color in the cutting garden. 

Gathering material for my vase for the kitchen table is more of a scavenger hunt now. 

There are faded hydrangeas, sedum heads, a few sprigs of blue nepata. I found a clump of re-blooming golden fever few and some trimmings of golden spirea for a base, and a sprig of re-blooming astrantia.

Then I jazzed it all up with bright yellow and orange marigolds.

A little summer, a little fall, and thoughts of spring. 


  1. Very impressive for a scavenged bouquet.The resident chipmunk family in my yard are trying to convince me to plant some spring bulbs but I suspect them of having ulterior motives.

  2. Hey , that's a very colorful header.

  3. Very pretty, Linda. You are a talented florist. :-)

  4. A lovely arrangement. I love planting bulbs in the fall, an act of faith that spring will come and we'll be here to enjoy another cycle of the garden.

  5. You scavenged really well. Beautiful arrangement.

  6. You have a real talent for making the prettiest bouquets out of what you can gather.


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