Friday, October 19, 2018

Color in the Park

The progression of autumn color is happening quickly here now. The native big leaf maples have gone golden, as have other native trees. In the parks and home gardens and parking lots, the landscape trees are adding reds and oranges. Here in our garden, which is mostly in shade now, the color change is slower, which is fine with me. We get to enjoy it longer in the season. 

In our neighborhood park, where we go for our walks, the color was peaking this week. Here's a peek.

 More gold to come here. It's good to not have it all at once. 

 In the wooded area the color is much more subtle, but the path will soon be strewn with leaves. 

We are heading into what might be our last warm, sunny weekend. Rain will come by Tuesday, and we may not see the 60 degree days again. We'll all have to make the most of these last good days.

Our traditional family cider bee is tomorrow. Morning fog will hopefully clear off to bright sunshine as we work and play and eat together.

Here's to hoping your weekend is great too. 


  1. Good eye to catch the autumn colors.

  2. It's a beautiful time of year and hooray for these last nice days. Hope you have great weather for the cider bee!

  3. Nice that the great weather will continue for a few more days and you'll have it for your family cider bee.
    Have fun.

  4. I love your pretty fall color display. I have been enjoying them here, too. I'll try to capture a few more, nothing as brilliant as you show here, though. :-)

  5. how fun, our autumn leaves don't come until november and then they are mostly yellow-few maple trees around here. temps have cooled which is so welcome.

  6. Looks like you are getting great color this year. I think we are too for the first time in several years when I had to remind myself that brown was a color also. This year the reds are popping out.

  7. Our color was not so bright this year and already today we are on to snow falling -- not accumulating, but swirling enough to let us know what is coming.

  8. I think we have had excellent color so far this year. More reds than usual---maybe

  9. You had beautiful colors...we had poor fall color:(


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