Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Gardening on the Island

We left Seattle on Monday morning in rain, and that rain stayed with us until we reached the ferry. But Whidbey Island was dry.
We weren't sure how long our window of working weather would hold, so we got busy right away.

I wore a blister on my finger snipping off all the lavender. 
 We both weeded and cleaned up dead and brown stuff. The drought was very hard on the garden in the sand this summer, so we'll see what comes back next spring.
 While I snipped and clipped Tom got started planting our recycled tulip bulbs. 
 By late afternoon the gardening was all done, and the deck furniture had been stored away inside. 
 Tuesday we started very slowly. Since we got the work done the first day, we could now rest and read and explore a little. The rain moved in in steady squalls. It looked calm here over the lagoon.
 While on the other side of the cabin another squall was moving in over the bay. 
 By late afternoon we could get out for a bit of a walk on the beach road.
 The days are noticeably shorter now. 
 Wednesday morning it was in the 40's, with heavy dew and fog over the wetlands. 
We took our time getting going, having breakfast, going for a  walk, and tidying up the cabin. We left for home at 2:00.

Now we are back home, settled in, everything put away, and we are ready for a relaxing evening.

It was a good little trip to the island. Our cabin gardening is done for the fall. 

We're expecting a delivery of this year's tulip bulb order for our home garden any day now.  October will bring lots more gardening here at home.  


  1. From reading your blog I would say you had a wonderful spring and summer. Texas and Oregon seem to have their weather reversed. I’ve never known Oregon to be so dry or Texas so wet. Leaves me wondering what winter will bring. It will soon be time for you to turn your attention to the holidays. I look forward to seeing your Santa collection again and the wonderful animals under your tree that your mother-in-law made.

  2. I imagine it's a good feeling, knowing you're done working at the cabin for this year.
    Now to get all those new bulbs planted!

  3. It's good when progress is made and tasks completed. then we can rest.

  4. So the garden there is at rest for the winter. It is very pretty there any kind of weather.

  5. Glad you know you are well enough to get all that cabin work accomplished. I do hope your exercises are helping to get you back in walking shape, Linda. Your cabin sure is looking good. :-)

  6. What is the name of the grass that you have that is blonde and waves in the wind? I think I want that kind in our front yard.

    1. It is Mexican Feather Grass. It grows well in sand. Be aware that it also spreads easily and is considered invasive, as it seeds freely.

    2. Our front is south-facing and hot - my husband insists on mowing the weeds and I would rather have something grow there. I'm thinking of carpet roses in light pink and this grass could go with them. I want one color - light pink - but I think if this would grow it would blend nicely. What do you think? We have clay soil.

  7. Bulb planting time is so much fun - plunging those little paper-wrapped gifts for spring in the ground is an act of faith that their colorful blooms will soon push away the gloom and darkness of winter and signal the beginning of another season of gardening. Glad you were able to get all of your island gardening done while the weather was dry.

  8. I too was interested in what that grass was. Think I will look it up to see if it will grow here. Liked the look. At least your are done for the year. Must feel good.

  9. we are still enjoying our first rain in weeks, love the coolness.

  10. You really do have the most beautiful get-a-way vacation home to enjoy.


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