Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Pumpkin Carving

With everyone's busy schedules - that happens when your grands are teens - we settled on Monday evening for our pumpkin carving fest.  We got dinner out of the way early at both houses and Tom and I were on the scene of the orange orb killing ("Oh, I didn't know you were going to kill it!" - It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown) by 6:30, laden with pumpkins, extra knives, cider and donuts. 

Then came the time to contemplate the design. Irene consulted her phone. Phones know everything, you know. 
In the background you can see Tom's already done. He didn't contemplate, he just cut. 
Irene has a HUGE pumpkin, kind of daunting. She wouldn't allow anyone to watch to see what she was creating. 
I dressed for the theme.

Isaac does not appreciate having his photo taken. 

Tom enjoyed the doughnuts while we worked. 
Others had been enjoying them too. Yes, that cider is homemade, from our cider bee. I freeze it in recycled orange juice jugs. 

The BIG reveal!  Big pumpkin, simple face, but strangely cool. 

It was also Mr. Whisker's birthday, so we had to celebrate that too. 

Isaac and his cat were not amused. 
Not smiles. 

Official portraits. 

In order of creator: Jill, Tom, Irene, Isaac, Linda.
Happy Halloween!


  1. They are all wonderful, but Tom's makes me smile every time I look at itt! Happy Halloween, Linda and family! :-)

  2. All decisions by the judges are final...best carved pumpkin fourth from the left.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Reeder family tradition.

  4. Happy Halloween. Isaac -- oh my goodness do I remember that face. My son and even pictures of my husband from when he was that age. And Irene is a young woman, no longer that peacock loving proprietor of that little garden shop. Sigh. They grow so fast.

  5. Ha ha, I remember that face Isaac was wearing. I wore it most of my teen years and I was a happy teen, just hated cameras. I wouldn't have made it in this selfie world. I think I picked Tom last year and he gets my nod this year. They all look spectacular though all lit up.

  6. I too wore the Isaac face in many pictures from those years (yes, photography had been invented all the way back then.) Great pumpkins alland I especially like the look of anticipation on yours.

  7. Oh this was fun! I like all the pumpkin faces, but Issac's reminds me of how I feel most of the time. :) Irene is a beauty, isn't she!!

  8. aren't teenage boys funny-no smiles or photos. Irene is growing up to be a beautiful young lady...happy halloween.

  9. How delightful! Glad you all were able to get together. It's hard with teenagers.

  10. Looks like you all had lots of fun. Poor Isaac... i don't much like having my picture taken either but one learns to grin and bear it. Happy Halloween!

  11. Lots of great pumpkins. Irene is getting more beautiful all the time! Poor Isaac...my Grandsons do the same thing:(


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